Whether you’re off to uni for the first time to live in halls, or you’re a second or third year moving into a student house, there are lots of things you’re going to need!

You might want to build up a student essentials stockpile in advance or do a big shop with your parents or new housemates when you’re all moved in. If it’s the first time you’ve lived away from home it can be hard to think of all the things you might possibly need. Take a look at our useful uni essentials below to make sure you don’t forget anything important…

You might be about to embark on the biggest adventure of your life, but first there are bin bags to buy!

Why not order all your student essentials online and have them delivered to the nearest store to your uni?  Time it right, and it’ll be waiting for you when you get there!


Cooking and prep:

Eating and drinking:


Cleaning and washing up:

It’s worth checking which appliances will be supplied by your accommodation before you buy a toaster, kettle or any other bits and bobs – you could even speak to your new housemates and club together for the important stuff or delegate who’s going to buy what.

Actually, the same goes for stuff like milk, eggs, cheese and butter! Five of everything will soon fill up the fridge – and most likely end up being wasted. Try having a money jar for essentials and each pop in an agreed amount every week to keep it topped up.




Bits and bobs:


Lectures and uni work

You might also want to think about getting a printer for your room – it’s much easier than trekking to the library (where you’ll have to pay to print anyway).

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