Even though the summer feels like it goes on forever (keeping the kids entertained for six weeks straight is no mean feat), the first day back at school will be here before you know it. To prevent it sneaking up on you, we’ve created a back to school checklist with all those new term essentials your little one’s going to need, plus a week-by-week guide all the way up to the night before school starts to help you get super organised.

From lunch boxes to brand new stationery and pencil cases, we’ll help you take the stress out of the planning so you’re ready to roll when the first day back comes around. Here’s your back to school accessories list:


If you like to be a little more organised then why not try and stick to our week by week school prep?

5 weeks before:

  • Sort through clothing, figuring out what fits and what needs to be taken to the charity shop or handed down to younger siblings
  • Write down any key dates in your calendar e.g. the time and date your children are heading to school, summer activities, appointments etc.

4 weeks before:

  • Buy wardrobe necessities, backpack, uniform, lunchboxes
  • Buy classroom essentials, stationery etc.
  • Check on any summer homework that needs to be completed

3 weeks before:

  • Organise childcare and get any work commitments scheduled

2 weeks before:

  • Start getting your kids back into a normal bedroom routine
  • Schedule haircuts

1 week before:

  • Make a food shopping list – make sure you put down all their favourite lunchtime foods
  • Plan meals for their first week of school

The night before:

  • Prepare the kids’ lunches
  • Pack their school bag
  • Prepare uniform for the morning

And don’t forget to set the alarm clock!

We hope your back to school planning goes without a hitch! Find all your back to school essentials online at wilko.com

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