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Get organised it’s nearly that time of the year again


Its nearly that time of the year again, it seems as though it was only yesterday that we were preparing for summer and now it is only 9 weeks until Christmas.

Christmas for many people is usually a last minute rush!

This year is going to be different , Wilko will help you to be more organised and prepared in order to help you have a stress free Christmas, so breathe a sigh of relief , we are here to help.

Here at Wilko we are going to make your Christmas easier , over the weeks leading up to Christmas we will give you advice, hints and tips, recipes, room inspirations and much more in order to make your Christmas as stress free as possible.

October is the time to get organised- Why not buy a notepad from our fantastic Stationary ranges  and begin making lists.

List making ideas:-

  • Make a list of who you will be sending Christmas cards to , we have some great designs from traditional to on trend.Check out the Wilko Chistmas card ranges .
  • Who are you buying presents for and how much will you spend? Check out the Wilko Gift Shop.
  • How many Christmas parties are you attending? Do to you need to buy gifts ? Check out the Wilko Gift Shop.
  • If you are entertaining, have you got enough glasses? Enough plates to match your bowls? If not check out the Wilko dining ranges. It’s best to plan before its too late.
  • Have you got enough gift wrap for all your gifts? If not check out the Wilko Gift Wrap Trends from fun to sophisticated gift wrap we have everything for all your needs.
  • Wilko has just launched its Christmas Wilko Gift Shop where you can easily browse at your leisure. Buy now or take notes of the products you like.

Click on the below images to view the Wilko Christmas Wrap and card range   


If you start now and plan ahead, the Christmas season will be a much more of an enjoyable experience.

The clock is ticking,  join us on the Wilko Christmas Countdown

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