Bringing a cat into your home can be an exciting time. But it doesn’t come without its challenges! It shouldn’t be rushed and you have to be patient to help your new feline friend feel relaxed in their new home.

What a new cat needs

There are a few important things you should do to prepare for your cat. Firstly, you should spend some time looking into pet insurance and find a local vet too. Next, give the house a good once-over to make sure there’s nothing dangerous your cat get hold of. It’s also important to provide cats with a quiet place to relax. Now it’s time to make a list of all the essentials you’ll need for your new furry feline friend:

  • A scratching post – scratching posts provides cats with hours of fun and encourages cats’ natural feline instincts without sacrificing your furniture!
  • Somewhere to hide – cardboard boxes are great for this, so are tables and chairs and behind curtains, but if you were looking for something a little more special, how about a Luxury Cat Tunnel? It can be hooked over a radiator or used on the floor. Cats can enjoy running through it or catching some well-earned Zs.
  • Cat toys – cats need stimulation throughout the day
  • Room to sleep – treat your feline friend to their own comfy cat bed.
  • An area for food and drink – make sure their eating area is clean. Separate cat bowls for eating and drinking are a good idea.
  • A pet carrier – cats can find travelling stressful, so make sure you buy a comfortable pet carrier.  They are reliant on scent, so, if possible, take home an item they’ve been sleeping with or a toy they’ve been playing with and place it in the carrier. This will help them feel more relaxed and reassured.
  • Cat identity tube – these are really important if your cat ever goes missing. Simply attach the small tube to their collar.

Welcoming your cat into your home

Getting your cat used to your home is a step-by-step process and not something that can be rushed. Once home, let them explore their new environment before overwhelming him or her with cuddles. When they’re comfortable with you, allow them to explore other areas of the home, being sure to keep the door open to the room they’re used to in case they need to dash straight back to it. Then you can start to introduce your cat to other family members and other pets. If your cat is struggling to adjust to their new surroundings then calming cat remedy products could help to reduce their stress.

What cat food is best?

The right diet for your cat will keep them happy and healthy. It’ll depend on their age, breed and size. Cats aren’t vegetarian so without certain proteins in their diet your cat could become very ill. Commercial cat food is the easiest way to ensure your cat is getting the right amount of nutrients they need. Take a look at our huge cat food range with the best cat food including top brands like Felix, Purina and Whiskas. You’ll be able to search by age too, as kittens need a different diet to adult cats.

What different cat litters are there?

If you have cats, litter tray duty is something you will have to think about. There are many different types to choose from:

Scented vs unscented

Scented litter helps to mask smells but cats are very sensitive to smells so most prefer odourless litter.


They control the odour better and last longer than clay litter.

Wood based

It’s lightweight and absorbent and is biodegradable.


It’s easy to clean up, but it’s heavy and isn’t biodegradable.


It’s harder to clean up but absorbs large volumes of moisture so keeps odours away.

Whichever type of litter you choose, litter box cleanliness is a must.


How to keep a litter tray clean:

To help keep your cat comfortable, clean and healthy (and your house smelling clean!) you’ll need to keep on top of your cat’s litter tray. For this you’ll need a scoop, which you should use daily to help keep the tray clean.

  1. Add litter every two or three days
  2. Empty and wash the litter box every week – simply use soap and warm water.
  3. After, sprinkle it with baking soda or add a filter to keep it smelling fresh for longer.

In case of any cat ‘accidents’ it’s a good idea to have a few cleaning products in the home, specifically designed to eliminate pet odours.

We really hope you enjoy your new pawfect feline friend, and we’d love to see pictures of him or her, so  send them over to us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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