April is all about having a spring in your step and cracking on with the gardening so you can sit back and enjoy it when the good weather arrives. Getting outdoors in the fresh air has proven health benefits, so make the most of all the extra time you suddenly have at the moment by venturing outside and showing your garden some love! April is one of the busiest gardening months in the calendar and now’s the time to get stuck in with regularly cutting the grass, sowing your favourite veggies outdoors and keeping on top of the weeds.

Before planting, you need to make sure all beds are prepared before crops go in. Also, keep an eye out for slugs! This time of year they start to appear more frequently…

Here’s our list of April garden jobs:

What to plant in April…

The weather’s picking up, so it’s the perfect time to get sowing and growing.

What to sow indoors

You can also get growing veg indoors including:

  • Marrows
  • Courgettes
  • Pumpkins
  • Squash
  • Sweet peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Aubergines
  • Celery
  • Celeriac
  • Salads
  • Globe artichokes.

What to sow outdoors

As well as sowing indoors, you can now start sowing plants outdoors too (just watch out for any unexpected frosts). Vegetable seeds that are great for sowing outdoors in April include:

  • Beetroot
  • Carrots
  • Swiss chard
  • Summer cauliflower
  • Lettuce
  • Leeks
  • Radish
  • Turnip
  • Peas
  • Perpetual spinach in well-prepared soil.

This really is the month for getting growing! Make sure you’re ready to get cracking with all the compostpropagators, specialist plant feed and useful bits and bobs like plant labels that you need and nothing will hold you back. It can still get a little chilly outdoors in April, so pre-warm your soil in spring by covering with cloches or plastic sheets to allow for early planting and sowing. Once planted, protect seeds from frost by using a poly tunnel.

Spring lawncare

If your lawn’s looking a little worse for wear after the colder, wetter months it’s worth thinking about weeding, feeding and treating your lawn to bring it up to scratch in time for summer. Invest in some quality lawn seed and food high in nitrates to encourage spring growth. You’ll also want to tackle any moss problems you have. If there’s a light touch of moss, try scarifying your lawn to remove the worst of it, but if you have quite a big problem with moss you might be best applying a moss-killer first and then scarifying.

Need a bit of help getting your lawn looking lush and green again? Check out our guide to the perfect lawn, which covers everything from how to treat your lawn to getting rid of unsightly bare patches.

Our recommended lawn care repair products:

wilko Easy Grass Seed 1kg is a great product for repairing patches. The unique coating accelerates the uptake of water and nutrients, meaning faster germination, quicker establishment and healthier grass.

wilko Tough Lawn Seed with Ryegrass 1kg is ideal for gardens that have see more wear and tear and is designed to produce a really hard-wearing lawn for all activities

If you like the no maintenance route, fake grass is a great alternative. Check out our blog How to lay artificial grass if you’re thinking of going down the artificial route.

Main jobs for lawn care:

  • Sowing lawn seeds repairing any bare patches
  • Mowing your lawn more regularly as it gets warmer
  • As it get towards to the end of the month, remember to lower your mower blades to get a neater cut.


Stay out after dark with garden lighting


Make the most of your outdoor space even after dark by creating a mood which enhances your garden’s best features. Whether you’re buying on a budget or strapped for space, garden lighting can change the feel of any setting.

To save time and energy look for outdoor solar lights. Quick to get up and running, without the need for professional help, garden solar lights are also eco-friendly being a renewable energy source. What’s great about solar lights is that they allow you to be as creative as you want, giving you the freedom to put them anywhere you like without the hassle or restrictions of wires.



Garden furniture

Now all the hard work is done, put your feet up with our range of garden furniture. If your garden furniture set has seen better days, whatever it’s made from there are some simple steps you can take to revive it. Take a look at our handy outdoor furniture care guide to get it looking its best.

April checklist:

Fruit and veg

  • Sow brassica in seed beds or trays
  • Plant main crop potatoes
  • Plant asparagus and rhubarb crowns
  • Sow crops such as beetroot, carrots, coriander and spinach
  • Continue sowing seeds in trays indoors
  • Sow peas outdoors
  • Cover fruit blossom with fleece to protect them against night frosts.



  • Weed and feed lawn
  • Sow lawn seed where needed or over-seed to help encourage vigorous regrowth
  • Get the mower out and start regular trims.

Adhoc jobs

  • Top up raised beds with compost
  • Lay weed guard (added link) before they start actively growing
  • Remove dirt and clean paths and paving
  • Invest in a water butt, installing them under a downpipe to make the most of the rainfall
  • Top up bird baths and bird feeders for our feathered friends.

Check out our garden guides for all your garden inspiration and tips.

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