Moving to uni for the first time can be a big challenge. From living with people you’ve never met before to leaving Mum’s cooking behind, it’s a huge change for everyone. And no matter how ready you are for the big move, you’re going to have some nerves and trepidation, but that’s only natural.

To help you feel instantly at home, we’ve teamed up with @millennial.flat to show you how easy it is to instantly transform your halls into a cosy retreat where you can make friends, have time out and get stuck into that all-important studying (after all, that’s what you’re going to uni for, isn’t it?). Here’s how:

1. Soft furnishings

Bedding and cushions are the basics you’ll need to help inject a bit of personality into your room. You’ll need to take a duvet, pillows and most importantly, a mattress protector (it doesn’t bear thinking about what could be lurking inside that mattress)!

Your university should provide curtains for your room but there’s every chance they’ll not the be the nicest, so feel free to put up your own instead for an instant style hit.

@millenial.flat has used the perfect combination of pink cushions, cream cushions and a pink throw for a sophisticated yet homely feel.

2. Pictures, posters and pinboards

An instant way to make yourself feel at home is to add lots of pictures of your family and friends from back home. Create a feature on a notice board with memos, photos, posters and cards.

The Wilko wall hanging would be perfect for adding a bohemian touch to your room!

You may find your accommodation bans sticking posters or frames on the walls but, thankfully, there are a number of damage-free products you can use to hang these up.

3. Lighting

Feeling cosy? If in doubt, get to work with some fairy lights. These will look great around your desk area or will help jazz up your bed frame.

You can also upgrade your style with some simple lampshades or bedside table lamps, like our marble table lamp, which will also help add some softer lighting to your room too.

4. Plants

What better way to bring life into a room than with a plant or two? All you need to do is remember to water them – or, if you know you’ll forget, choose something low maintenance like a cactus or artificial plants!

5. Storage

To make use of all space in your bedroom, get your hands on plenty of storage so you can hide various items away under your bed. Choose some basic storage boxes for stuff that will be out of sight and more stylish boxes for your bathroom/next to your desk.

7. Put the kettle on

Not only does tea help to solve a multitude of problems but putting the kettle on is also a great way to get talking to people. Make sure you have a few mugs too, like our new reactive mug range – perfect for sharing (or when you’re not in the mood for washing up).

Armed with all of these items, you’re sure to feel at home before you know it. Don’t forget to share your moving stories with us on Facebook and Twitter!

You can shop our full home ranges online at Check out more affordable home inspiration over at @millennial.flat.

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