If you’ve decided to freshen up your home this summer with a lick of paint, you may be wondering how to keep it looking great for as long as possible – especially if you’ve got children and pets. As lovable as they are, they’re the main culprits when it comes to scuffs, grubby hands and mucky paws!

You’ll be glad to know that we’ve got the solution – Wilko durable matt emulsion. It’s great for families, being specially developed to look better for longer and giving you outstanding performance when used on walls, ceilings, wood and metal. You’ll find that it’s 10 times tougher than standard matt emulsion, making it perfect for busy areas of the home. And with 73 different colours to choose from, it’s our biggest paint range yet, so you’re sure to find the perfect shade.

The scuff resistant paint can be washed to remove stubborn marks without damaging the finish, making your home look gorgeous for longer.

durable red paint

Bring home some colour – a helping hand with hallways

Wilko durable emulsion will help you family-proof even the busiest hallway. It’s the area of the home where you’re most likely to see marks – from bike bumps to suitcase scrapes… and that’s without throwing kids and pets into the mix! This is where Wilko durable comes into its own. Being scuff resistant and ten times tougher than standard matt emulsion, paint the hallway with Wilko durable and it’ll look lovely for longer.

If you’re after some inspiration, check out our favourite colours for hallway hustle and bustle:

From left: Wilko durable matt emulsion paint in bumble bee (2.5L)  Wilko durable matt emulsion paint in grey skies (2.5L)  Wilko durable matt emulsion paint in crushed almond (2.5L)

bumble bee paintGrey skies paintcrushed almond paint

Yellow works particularly well in hallways that don’t see a lot of sun, emanating summer warmth and light. Grey is classy, contemporary and works with a range of other colours, and lighter hues like our crushed almonds paint will help keep it looking fresh.

Bring home some colour – a lick of paint for the little one’s bedroom

With a great range of easy-to-clean vibrant colours, Wilko durable is perfect for kids’ bedrooms. The water based, low odour formulation means they’re less likely to kick up a stink, and you can scrub and wash your walls without the colour fading – handy for when you find those crayon ‘works of art’ hidden behind the bed!

Here are our favourite child-friendly colours:

From left: Wilko durable matt emulsion paint in tropics (2.5L)  Wilko durable matt emulsion paint in sonic (2.5L)  Wilko durable matt emulsion paint in wizard (2.5L)

tropics paintsonic paintwizard emulsion

Green is a calming, natural colour, which can be good for kids that are still full of beans at bedtime! Blues are bold and energetic and can look great in a bedroom, and purples are impactful whilst still being soothing – making it ideal for children of all ages.

For more inspiration, or if you just can’t decided on a shade, be sure to check out our room visualiser. This handy tool lets you browse our paint collections, upload your own room photos and see how they’d look with different colours. You can even save your projects and share them with friends to get a second opinion!

When choosing your perfect colour, make sure you check out the full durable range at wilko.com. Order online, and you can collect from your nearest store within 48 hours – at no extra cost!

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