Exam time is looming and there’s no hiding from the dreaded revision! Don’t worry, we have plenty of hints and tips to help you get started and to support you all the way to the final exam.

Before you start your revision it’s really important that you have all the essentials to hand to help you through the next couple of weeks. Don’t forget…

Pens, highlighters and coloured markers
Index cards
Practice papers – the S-cool website is perfect for help with GCSE and A-level exam practice

Just as importantly, you should set yourself a clear and easy to follow revision plan for how you’re going to tackle the weeks leading up to your first exam; that way you won’t end up aimlessly drifting from one book to the next.

When plotting your timetable take into account the following to make sure you get the most out of each revision session:

• Don’t revise for any more than 50 minutes without having a break.
• Take a 10 minute break in between each revision session.
• Try to split similar subjects across the week so you’re not focusing on one area for too long – because your brain will just switch off.
• Think about any subjects you’ll need to spend longer on or the ones you’re less confident with and give yourself more time with these.
• Sometimes it helps to split your revision sessions down into modules rather than just the overall subject so you can focus your efforts on a particular area each day.
• Always have at least one day off a week.

completed table

Once you’ve planned each revision day, it helps to plot it onto a weekly planner as you count down to the first exam. We’ve designed a handy planner which is useful for half term and any study leave you have. Print one out from the link below and choose your revision slots based on the guidance above. It also helps to colour co-ordinate each subject so you can easily see how they’ve been split across the week.

Blank revision timetable

blank timetable small

You’re now well on the way to making the most of your revision time. Read our next blog; ‘Hit The Books – Hints to Help with Exam Revision’ to pick up even more tips as well as useful revision techniques.

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