If you’re serious about your gardening you really should check out our new top quality garden ranges. We’ve worked long and hard to bring you the highest specification seeds and tools. From RHS award-winning F1 seeds to ergonomically designed garden tools, we’ve got everything you need to get the very best results.

Premium radish seeds and radishes


Seeds of success

Our premium F1 seeds really are something special – award winners in fact. Our specially selected radish seeds are incredibly fast growing and mildew resistant, our sweet tasting Harrier butternut squash seeds have been specifically bred for UK conditions and our courgette seeds have been treated for improved disease resistance.

Just the job

Our new range of long-lasting, light-weight garden tools has been ergonomically designed to give you a more natural grip position. They also come with soft grip handles and the hand tools have curved fit thumb rests and hooked bases – all of which means you can get stuck into even the most back breaking gardening jobs with a lot less effort.

Don’t forget you can find our complete premium seed range and more fantastic tools in store and online.

Our top 5 tips for bigger veg

1. Choose the right seed

The better the seed the better the plant, so make sure you choose the best possible variety.

2. Choose the right fertiliser

If you’re growing a plant for their fruit like squashes or tomatoes, you’ll need a fertiliser that’s high in potassium and phosphorus. If you’re growing leafy veg like cabbages or spinach you’ll want something that is high in nitrogen.

3. Water difference

It’s better to water more deeply, less often than it is to do it little and often, as this encourages deeper root growth. In normal weather conditions give them a really good soaking once or twice a week.

4. Thin them out

The more fruit you have on a plant the smaller they will be. If you want really big fruit try taking off all but 3 or 4 of the biggest and healthiest.

5. Keep your eye on them

Pest and disease can take hold of a plant really quickly, so try and check them every day and deal with any problems straight away.


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