Over time, dirt and germs build up on our household surfaces and it can be hard to know the best way to clean them, but clean them you must! Here are some handy tips for cleaning those trickier surfaces in your home, such as wood floors, toilets and glassware.

WARNING – some cleaning products may not be suitable for use on certain surfaces. Always read instructions before using. Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with eyes.

Wooden floors – On wooden floors, use a soft-bristle brush to sweep away grit or dirt before you start to mop otherwise this top layer of debris might scratch the wood. Make sure you buy a suitable acid-free cleaner, or a cleaner designed specifically for wood/laminate floors  – try diluted Flash Wood Floor Cleaner or Wilko Wood Floor Cleaner – as a regular cleaner might stain or begin to wear away the shine on the surface.

The oven – No-one enjoys cleaning the oven but it has to be done! The quickest way to get oven doors and windows clean is with one swipe of Flash Magic Eraser. And if you’ve got a grubby grouting, a mucky microwave, or a wall that needs washing, Magic Eraser’s good for those tough jobs too!

Washing up

Kitchen sink and taps – the sink itself is used to wash our hands, crockery, pots, pans, vegetables, etc… all of which bring germs to the sink. When you put away the washing up, clean and then rinse down the draining board. Also, use washing-up liquid or kitchen cleaner like Flash All Purpose liquid or spray to regularly wash around the basin, digging into the crevices of the plug hole, and wash the underneath of the washing bowl, which can get very greasy.

Make your glassware sparkle – Wash glasses in a plastic bowl in your sink with a little Fairy liquid. For the final rinse use warm water with a couple of drops of vinegar then gently buff dry with a soft cloth.

Toilets – the water that flows into your loo is fresh, but the handles you use to flush with, and the taps you turn to clean your hands afterwards, are covered in nasties. On a daily basis clean these with an anti-bacterial wipe such as Flash Anti Bacterial Wipes, and don’t forget the door handles too!


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