As the days start to get warmer and the summer holidays sneak up on us, it’s time to start thinking about activities to keep the kids entertained. With an abundance of online games and gaming consoles out there, we wanted to give you some fun ideas for outdoor activities that will reduce screen time and get kids out into the sunshine! Whether it’s for in the back garden, park, or if you’re really lucky, the beach, here are our top 10 toys and games to help keep the kids entertained this summer…

1. Paddling Pool £3

Ideal for toddlers, this paddling pool is perfect for their first splash! Little ones will love cooling off in this pool. And what’s more, you can bring it indoors and fill with plastic balls to create a super ball pool if it’s a cloudy day. We’ve even included a repair patch in the box in case of any little accidents.

For bigger kids, we’ve got a great selection of larger pools… You’ll just have to try to get the adults out of them first!Wilko 2 Ring Paddling Pool2. Water Balloon Station £5

Is there anything better than a water fight when the sun is blazing to help cool the kids off? With 250 balloons to get you started and a pump-action design, this refilling station is perfect for the ultimate water fight, and will mean less time filling. Check out our whole range of water toys, including water guns, to help the whole family cool off this summer!

3. Wooden Sand Pit £30

Bring the beach to your garden with this generously sized sand pit, perfect for hours of fun in the sun. Easy to assemble, it’ll be ready to go once filled with some play sand. Armed with a bucket and spade, your little ones will love playing in this make-shift seaside – and there’ll be no queuing in traffic for hours to get to this beach either! We call that a win.

4. Raceway Double Waterslide £12

‘Water’ way to have a load of fun! It’s over 5 metres long, wide enough for two racers and features a speed ramp for a soft landing. Simply connect your garden hose, and you’re ready to make a splash!

double water slide

5. Bubble Machine £6

Create hundreds of bubbles in just 60 seconds with this turbo bubble machine. Make up games around who can catch the most or see how many bubbles you can get in the air at once with our whole range of bubble kits.

Wilko Bubble Machine

6. Match Point Tennis Set £5

With Wimbledon filling our TV screens over the summer there’s no better time for a game of tennis. This great value set contains two rackets, a ball and a carry bag. To keep it simple, try a game of seeing how long two of you can keep the ball off the floor by batting it between you. Or, if you want to get serious, it’s easy to set up your own court using chalk on concrete, lines in the sand or markers on the grass. Just assemble a net and you’re good to go for a proper match of tennis!

As balls will inevitably end up over the hedge or in your cheeky dog’s mouth, why not pick up a set of 3 tennis balls for just £2 to save having to stop play early?

7. Pink or Blue Swing £25

Get into the full swing of summer with this kids’ swing set. Available in pink or blue, they feature durable steel frames that are powder-coated for added weather protection.

For older kids, we’ve got trampolines that comes with their own enclosures. They aren’t just for fun; they’re also a great way to exercise and also help to improve balance.

8. Wilko Bucket with Spade £1.50

Whether your kids love the garden sand pit or you’re heading on a trip to the seaside, a bucket and spade is one of those summer essentials you won’t want to go without. Let their imagination run wild making sand castles, digging holes and making sculptures in the sand, and they’ll be kept busy for hours!

9. Pavement Chalk £1.50

Cheaper than chips, this set of chalk is perfect for hopscotch, drawing massive masterpieces and marking out pitches and courts. And as soon as it rains, they’ll have a new blank canvas to work on!

10. Children’s Parachute £42

Ideal for outdoor parties, this brightly coloured polyester parachute comes with 12 handles and 24 plastic balls for extra fun. It’s double stitched for strength, and has a whopping 305cm diameter. Parachutes are great for encouraging co-operative, non-competitive play, and are loads of fun for kids over 3 years old.

kids outdoor parachute toy

We’d love to hear your kids’ favourite outdoor activities and games. Let us know what your plans are for the summer @LoveWilko on Twitter or drop us a line on our Facebook page.

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