Finding the perfect toys for your kids is no mean feat, especially when the top trends for kids can change so much from year to year. Remember when it was all about the yoyo? How about when the infamous Furby ruled the world or when the only thing on a kid’s Christmas list was a Spirograph (just try telling that to kids now). With that in mind, the elves at Wilko have had a sneaky word with Santa to find out what the must-have toys for Christmas are going to be this year.

Join us as we rundown the biggest kids’ toys for Christmas 2017 to help you get your hands on that perfect present. Get ready to see their face light up when they see what Santa’s brought them this year.

1. Pony Cycle Ride On Toy

Kids’ ride on toys have always been popular with little ones, but this Pony Cycle toy brings something new and particularly wonderful to the table. Requiring no batteries at all, the horse is powered simply by your child pushing down on the pedals with their feet. And it can even be steered with the handles on its head! This toy is not only great fun but is also brilliant for promoting your child’s balance and co-ordination skills as well as encouraging exercise and imaginative play.

Ride On Pony Cycle

2. Wilko Blox Battleship Colossal Set

At over a metre long, this bumper 1,710 piece set comes with full assembly instructions and includes lifeboats and marine figures as well as everything you need to build the battleship. Compatible with the leading brand, this building block set is sure to create endless hours of fun.

Wilko Blox Battleship

3. Dan the Massive Dino Plush Toy

No ordinary stuffed toy, Dan the Massive Dino is an incredible metre in length (hence ‘massive’) and can even be joined by all his friends to make it a truly unforgettable Christmas. From Matt the Monkey to Ulla the Unicorn and Ellis the Elephant, we’ve got a huge variety of plush toys to choose from this year, making it easy for you to find your little one’s new favourite.

Dan the Massive Dino Plush Toy

4. Disney’s Frozen Ice Power Elsa Doll

Disney toys undoubtedly provide the ultimate way to bring our favourite movies to life at home, and this Elsa doll is no exception. Bring her to life by loading her with a stick of ice and lifting her arm – then watch as the ice lights up as you fire it towards the included snowman. This is the must-have gift for Disney Frozen fans this year.

Disney Frozen Elsa Doll

5. VTech Chase Me Casey Monkey

If you’re looking for the best toys for tots this year then look no further than VTech’s Chase Me Casey Monkey. Suitable for ages 9 – 36 months, this interactive monkey encourages hours of fun learning, helping little ones with letters, numbers and more. VTech toys are well-renowned for being both fun and educational for kids, and this little monkey doesn’t disappoint.

VTech Chase Me Casey Monkey

6. Wilko Blox Castle Mega Set

Who doesn’t dream of owning their very own castle one day? Now your little one really can be king or queen of the castle with our Blox Castle Mega Set… Protect your kingdom and prepare to defend your castle from an invasion! This bumper set comes complete with full assembly instructions and includes everything you need to build a castle with horses and figures. And with all Blox being compatible with the leading brand, the fun’s just getting started.

Wilko Blox Castle Mega Set

7. PAW Patrol Lookout Playset

If you’ve never heard of PAW Patrol you need to come out from under that rock because Ryder and his gang of rescue dogs look like they’re here to stay. To help them protect the community, this lookout playset is essential. Send Chase straight down the slide and into all the action with his included vehicle!

PAW Patrol Lookout Playset

8. Wilko Play Cash Register

This working cash register playset is a must-have toy for little ones this Christmas. Ideal for encouraging make-believe fun, the playset includes a shopping basket, essential groceries, a moving conveyor belt, a working microphone and all the credit cards and cash you could need!

Wilko Play Cash Register

9. Hatchimals Glittering Garden

Who will you hatch? This glitter draggle is the newest hatch batch straight out of Hatchtopia! And if these words mean nothing to you then we’re going to have to ask where you’ve been. The Hatchimal craze first started taking hold of the world at the back end of last year and sees no signs of slowing down. This glitter hatchimal is a definite must-have for 2017 as you can teach it to play games, walk, talk, dance and so much more. This is interactive play at its finest – and something that’s sure to be on every kid’s wish list this year.

Hatchimals Glittering Garden

10. Wilko Soft T-Rex Dinosaur

Whether it’s the fascination of how such massive animals were able to roam our earth or the fact that they’re just so different to anything we know of today, there’s no doubt that kids simply love dinosaurs. Combining this fascination with the safety that comes with soft toys, our Soft T-Rex Dinosaur, which is made from a soft plastic, is sure to be a big hitter with kids and parents alike this year. With plenty of dinosaur toys to choose from to accompany T-Rex, there’s no end to the fun that can be had with these prehistoric wonders. What’s not to love?

Wilko Soft T-Rex Dinosaur

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