We’ve been working with the experts at essence, Europe’s No. 1 cosmetics brand*, to pull together some top tips on how to keep those nails looking tip-top!

Be patient!

Gorgeous nails require plenty of patience. You have to give your nails a chance to grow so it’s important to take an occasional break from polish, as nice as those new colours are! During this time, indulge them with a pampering manicure or two.


It takes more than just applying strengthening nail polishes to get beautifully groomed nails. Did you know the food you eat is important for good nails? Foods with lots of calcium and zinc replenish and strengthen your nails.

Top foods are: oatmeal, dairy products, fish, nuts and vegetables.

fruit & veg

We’ve also got a great range of vitamin supplements, available online and in your nearest store.

Don’t cut it

If you love your nails, don’t go near them with scissors… and certainly avoid biting them! It’s best to use a good file like the essence 4 in 1 profi file to keep them in shape. Try and avoid cutting your cuticles, as the cuticle is the natural barrier to fungus and bacteria, so you risk infection and making them red and swollen. If you prefer the look of trimmed cuticles, we’d recommend the essence studio nails fast cuticle remover, which helps to remove cuticles in seconds. We would also suggest essence studio nails rosewood sticks, which gently push back the cuticle and make nail cleaning easy.

Top tip: always file your nails in one direction. This is gentler on the nails.


Don’t overdo hand washing, and moisturise!

nail care

Washing your hands too often can harm your nails. If you are in a profession where you must wash your hands frequently, use a moisturiser as often as possible, not forgetting to rub a little extra around the cuticles. We like the Skin Therapy Nourishing Q10 Hand & Nail Cream, which is richly conditioning and perfect whatever your skin type, and the essence studio nails caring nail oil which pampers your nails with rich ingredients leaving behind a subtle apricot scent. It promotes nail growth and smells delicious!

With housework and washing dishes, we always recommend using rubber gloves! As you’d expect, we’ve got a great range of rubber gloves online, or pop into your local store!

Lastly, we’ve got some great products to help your nails look great, such as the essence studio nails anti-split nail sealer, which provides effective protection for brittle nails, and the essence studio nails XXL nail protector, containing nail-strengthening nylon fibres, creating a protective shield to promote nail growth.

*Source: Euromonitor / Nielsen / IRI, 2013 in units

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