Well-shaped brows will help frame your eyes, and give any eye make-up look a polished, more professional finish. This week, we’ve teamed up with Europe’s No. 1 cosmetics brand*, essence, to bring you our top tips for flawless eyebrows!

Shape up!

pluck stray hairs with tweezers

First, you’ll need to tame unruly eyebrows by plucking stray hairs. You’ll need a pair of sharp tweezers with a flat, slanted tip as these will help you get at even the peskiest little ones. Whatever you do, though, decide on the shape you want beforehand and don’t over-pluck!

To find how long your brows should be, line an eyebrow pencil up (vertically) with the edge of your nose, so that it meets the brow line – this is where your brow should start. To find the end, keep the bottom of pencil where it is and rotate the tip outwards to meet the outer corner of your eye. The point where the pencil meets the brow line is where your brow should end.

You can also use the same technique to find out where the highest point of your arch should be. Again, position the pencil vertically alongside your nose and rotate the tip outwards, this time stopping where the pencil crosses the centre of your pupil. Easy! (Though, you could make it even easier by using templates like the ones in essence’s eyebrow styler kit!)

apply an ice pack after plucking eyebrows to tone down sorenessPro tip: Try placing a warm flannel over your brows before you pluck them to open up your pores. Even better – pluck your brows straight after a nice hot shower. If they’re sore afterwards, use an ice pack on each brow for about twenty seconds at a time and apply some cooling aloe vera gel or a good moisturiser.



Shade and styling

When choosing a shade for your eyebrows, use your natural shade as a guide. Brunettes may find they need to go a shade or two lighter to keep it natural-looking, while those with black hair should pick up a dark brown to avoid the permanent marker look. Blondes, however, may need to go a shade darker than their hair (as blonde brows often can be) and redheads may need to experiment a little!

essence eyebrow grooming productsWhen it comes to styling your brows, the traditional eyebrow pencil is always a good option. Not only are they easy to use, brow pencils are small and very lightweight so you can carry them with you – just make sure you keep the point sharp for best results! Simply fill in the gaps in your brows using short, light strokes in the same direction as the hair – you want the little lines to look as much like hair as drawn on lines possibly can. The essence eyebrow designer also comes with a brush to help you keep your brows nice and tidy.

If you’ve mastered the art of the eyebrow pencil, you could try moving on to powder. The essence eyebrow stylist set contains a light and a dark powder; perfect for darker and lighter hair colours, blending, or day and night looks. If your hair colour is somewhere in the middle of the two powders you can even mix them for a closer match. Just use the angled brush the same way you used your pencil; short, light strokes, making sure you tap off any excess powder. If you struggle, essence have included a step-by-step shaping guide to help you out.

Used in the right way, eyebrow powder gives a more subtle, natural look and can be set with an eyebrow gel or clear mascara for longer lasting results. For a more defined look, you can also use your eyebrow pencil to line the top and bottom of your brow, then fill the rest in with your powder and blend.

If you don’t get the look you want first time, try again – once you’ve practised a few times, you’ll be doing it like a pro!

*Source: Euromonitor / Nielsen / IRI, 2013 in units

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