Keeping a fish can be a really rewarding experience. Recent studies have shown that watching a fish for just a few minutes in an aquarium has a measurable effect on your health by reducing both your blood pressure and stress levels. With the right care a pet goldfish can live up to 25 years. Enjoying caring for your pet fish can be easy with some simple tips: choose the right nutrition to keep your fish healthy & active, change the water in the aquarium regularly and use water conditioners.


A good diet ensures that fish are active, colourful and protects your fish from disease. You should feed your fish a 100% complete and balanced diet. A complete diet delivers all of the essential nutrients that your fish needs for healthy growth and development. This can be achieved through mixed feeding or by feeding a food with a complete & balanced claim on its packaging.


Taking care of pet fish

The natural colouration of a fish comes from their diet. For example, Aquarian fish food contains marigolds which has the pigment of lutein in it, goldfish are able to use this pigment by depositing it in their skin. As part of this research, Aquarian (in conjunction with the University of Plymouth) established that female dwarf gourami fish were more attracted to males whose skin colour had been enhanced through the dietary intake of certain pigments. It’s not just humans that appreciate colourful fish!


caring for pet fish

Regular Water Changes

You should change the water in your tank every 2 to 4 weeks, replacing it with dechlorinated tap water. The smaller the tank the more frequently you need to change the water. The water in an aquarium contains beneficial bacteria that keep your fish healthy, so you should only change 25% at a time.

Tap Water Conditioners

The chlorine found in tap water is harmful to fish, damaging their delicate gills. Only 1 in 3 people know that you need to dechlorinate tap water! Tap water conditioners should be used during tank set up and with every water change.

Weekly Cleaner

A cleaning product can be added to an aquarium in just a few moments to maintain a healthy aquarium. When organic sludge builds up in the gravel bed it smothers the biological filter, which creates an unhealthy environment. A weekly cleaner degrades ammonia and nitrites that are harmful to your fish and helps to maximise oxygen availability.

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