At Wilko we love getting to do’s done and a good old spring clean is one of our favorites to tick off the list. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, especially on tricky surfaces like wooden floors, stainless steel and shiny tiles.

Wooden floors

On wooden floors, either give it a quick vacuum or use a soft-bristle brush to sweep away grit or dirt before you start to mop otherwise this top layer of debris might scratch the wood. Make sure you buy a suitable acid-free cleaner, or a cleaner designed specifically for wood/laminate floors- we love Cif wood floor cleaner . Not only is it great value for money but you’ll get great results too.

cif wood floor cleaner

Stainless Steel

Ever growing in popularity as splash backs or counter tops, Stainless steel is practical, hard wearing and simply stunning if a clean, contemporary style is right up your street. It can however, look awful if covered in streaks and water marks. A few drops of a mild detergent such as Wilko’s lemon verbena and orange flower washing up liquid in some warm water goes a long way to remove tough stains- always remember to dry the surface down and buff it off with a soft cloth.

Alternatively a stainless steel cleaner like Wilko’s expertly formulated stainless steel cleaner could be the perfect companion to keep your surfaces streak free.


washing up liquid

Shiny tiles

No one likes dull, streaky tiles. The best way to keep your tiles looking sparkly is to clean them regularly. Don’t be tempted to let water marks or other dirt and grime build up- you will only be making work for yourself in the long run.

We have a fantastic range of tile cleaners such as Mr Muscle shower shine which you simply spray and leave on a daily basis to keep those shower tiles and the surrounding area looking fresh, clean and shiny.For those tough areas that need an extra helping hand, our wall, floor and grout cleaner gives fabulous results and helps keep your grout it tip top condition. For other areas like the kitchen wall tiles we would recommend using an antibacterial cleaner and buffing away any marks with a microfiber or muslin cloth.

For Floors we stock a wide range of effective floor cleaners that are not only antibacterial, keeping your family safe from unwanted germs but also keeping your tiled floors looking great. We love the gorgeous smelling Dettol Power and fresh cherry blossom and pomegranate.


mr muscle shower shinewall and floor grout cleanerdettol cherry

Glass and Mirrors

If you are feeling old school the most effective way to make glass surfaces sparkle is with white vinegar and newspaper. This method can however be a little messy and vinegar is not everyones favourite scent. A quick and easy alternative is Wilko’s sweet smelling glass cleaner trigger spray or some super handy multi surface cleaning wipes, which are also handy for the car.


window cleanermulti surface wipes

Steam cleaning

A wonderful way to get those tricky cleaning jobs done is with a steam cleaner. A multi purpose cleaner such as this fabulous multi-functional addition to your cleaning kit which will help you to sanitise your surfaces and keep the whole house sparkly. Complete with a host of accessories, you will be able to whizz your way through every room in the house from windows to carpets, from tiles to toilets. Take a peek.

h20 steam mop


WARNING – some cleaning products may not be suitable for use on certain surfaces. Always read the instructions before using. Keep out of reach of children and avoid contact with eyes

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