Kids heading off to uni this September? If so, we’re sure your house is filling up with all sorts of uni necessities to get them off to the best possible start!

For most young people, moving away to uni means moving out of their parents’ house for the very first time and no doubt you’ll receive more than a few phone calls about washing machine mishaps or cooking disasters! Many freshers will feel anxious about leaving the safety of the family home, and it’s perfectly natural for you to feel worried as well.  They’re your babies, after all, even if they are taller than you now…

If you want to offer your son or daughter a little bit of extra support with their funds (particularly while they’re still learning how to budget!) our Student-Parent gift cards can be a really useful solution! You keep one card, they take the other – you load it up, they spend it! Simple as that!

The Student-Parent card can help keep them stocked up with everything from bin bags and washing-up liquid to notepads and pens. We also do loads of stuff for the house including towels, duvet covers, shower curtains, toasters, kettles – you name it.  You’ll be helping them out with loads of useful stuff and you won’t have to worry about your money disappearing at next week’s student night!

The card is also great in case of an emergency such as a maxed-out overdraft or a lost bank card. No need to wait for a transfer or send money through the post – just top up and the money will appear on the matching card instantly! It also works the other way around should your son or daughter ever want to give you money (chance would be a fine thing!) and when you’re ready to make the break and let them go it alone, both cards can also be used separately. A really useful way to budget for weekly essentials!


Where can I get one of these cards?
These gift cards are available in store. Find your local Wilko here.

Is there a limit to the amount of money I can put on the card?
Yes. The maximum amount you can load on to the card is £100.

Do I have to pay for the transaction in full?
No. Payment can be split between the card and another method of payment should you want or need to do so.

Do I need to use all my balance at once?
No. Any remaining balance will simply stay on your card ready for your next visit!

Can I top the card up again if it already has some money on it?
Yes, you can! Top up any time with as much or as little as you like – so long as the resulting balance doesn’t exceed the £100 limit.

How do I find out my card’s balance?
Just ask at the till – the cashier will be able to let you know.

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