Ironing isn’t the most exciting of tasks, but it’s a useful skill to have when dressing to impress on student night!

If you’ve just started uni you may not have spent much time ironing; but don’t worry, help is at hand. We’ve been there and got the (rather crinkled) t-shirt, so we’ve pulled together a handy guide on how to make ironing less of a chore, and even included a few tips to help you on your way… especially useful for those who can’t nip home to leave the laundry with mum and dad!

Step 1: Get a good iron and ironing board

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a fancy iron, but at the very least, ensure it has a water spray. We have some great value irons, such as the Wilko Steam Iron (teal/white) 220W; it’ll help you glide through your laundry pile with ease!

Many halls of residence come with ironing boards, but if not, pop down to your local Wilko or browse the range online, where ironing boards start from £12.

Ironing boards

Step 2: Always read the label!

Some materials can’t be ironed, and most labels will give advice on which setting the iron should be on – it’s worth becoming familiar with the ironing symbols. Ensure your iron is on the right setting to avoid leaving shiny marks on your clothes.

Step 3: Fill the iron with water

You can also add ironing water if you want to give your clothes an added scent. Some people spray their clothes or collars with a starch spray to make clothes easier to iron, and to reduce wrinkles throughout the day.

Step 4: Start ironing!

Keep the iron moving over your clothes at all times, as leaving the iron still can burn through the material. Spray water on stubborn wrinkles, and use the steam function while ironing stubborn sections. Begin with the larger areas, and finish with the corners. For most clothes, you won’t need to iron both sides. For delicate or dark fabrics, iron the wrong side (the inside of your clothes) as ironing on the outside can give dark colours an unwanted sheen. You can also try using a damp tea towel to protect your clothes.


Step 5: Hang it up!

Hang or fold your clothes as soon as you’ve finished ironing. If you’re short of space, check out our ironing tidy, which is portable and fully collapsible – ideal for keeping your ironing tidy.

Top tips:

Your washing machine or tumble dryer may have an ‘easy dry’ setting, which helps to minimise creases.

When washing shirts, drying them on a hanger will reduce the amount of creases, saving you time when ironing. You can also minimise creases by hanging them in a steamy room such as the bathroom, as steam helps to reduce the wrinkles.

Be careful with items with raised patterns, such as logos. A good tip for ironing this area is to use a tea towel underneath while ironing.

If you don’t own an ironing board, you can lay out a clean hand or bath towel on your desk and use it as a makeshift ironing board. It might look a bit unconventional, but it works!


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