If your backyard is lacking rustic charm, you don’t need to splash the cash or have a huge garden to make it feel chic and lived-in. Simple steps such as refreshing garden furniture, bringing in colourful plant pots and brightening up walls and fences go a long way towards making your backyard the perfect place to spend warm, sunny days. If you’re eager to make your urban plot feel more like a country retreat, let us inspire you with our rustic garden ideas.

Perk up your patio with outdoor furniture

We know not all gardens have luscious lawns and white picket fences, but you can make the most of any space if you know how. Coloured garden furniture paired with pretty, pastel plant pots can help revive a boring backyard and give it the rustic atmosphere you’re longing for. A bistro set is a great way to perk up a patio because doesn’t take up any room and is an ideal spot to enjoy an afternoon brew. Our sage bistro set enhances the classic, English garden look and folding chairs make it easy to store.

If you’re handy with a paint brush, why not have a go at up-cycling garden furniture with paint? It’s a playful way to give your wooden furniture an instant refresh! To get a distressed, shabby-chic finish use Rust-Oleum Weathered Wood Paint in white smoke. Top tip: If you’re painting onto bare wood, use a wood primer first. It’ll help stop any knots in the wood showing through the paint.

Get creative with plant pots and containers

Grow vertically – If you don’t have a lot of growing space but dream of a garden filled with colourful flowers, you’ll need to be creative with how you grow. One solution to limited space is growing upwards. Our drain pipe pot holder makes it easy to maximise the space you’ve got. Add more than one pot to transform your boring drain pipe into an stunning array of colour. You could even plant some tasty herbs!

Mix it up – using different styles of containers and plant pots will help you achieve a rustic backyard. Anything from old tires to tin cans can be used as a rustic garden plant pot, so the more imaginative, the better. As long as you provide drainage holes at the bottom and choose the right compost you’re good to go.

Decorate your own – inject personality into your urban garden by decorating your own rustic garden pots. Pick up a few plain pots and have fun with paint! It’s a great activity for the kids to get involved in too. The good thing about rustic plant pots is that they don’t have to look perfect – so be creative with different colours and paint textures! Once you’ve painted them, wrap twine around the top of your pots, tie in a bow and start planting.

Encourage nature into your garden

When you think of a country garden, beautiful birds and buzzing bees come to mind. Although urban gardens aren’t typically wildlife-friendly, you can still encourage wildlife into your garden without acres of land or masses of wild flowers! We’ve come up with three simple ways you can bring nature to your backyard;

Create a home for bees

Bees might be small but they’re mighty! It’s estimated that honeybees alone are responsible for over £22 million a year in crops, so without them, the world would be a very different place. In recent years, bees have been on the decline. Exhaust fumes are known to affect bees’ ability to find food, so it’s time for us urban gardeners to help tackle the problem.

You don’t need to be an expert to make your backyard bee-friendly. Bees are attracted to a whole range of plants which grow in tubs and containers. Lavender is a big hit with bumblebees and perfect for growing in pots. Plant it up and place it on your bistro table for gorgeous scent and a pop of colour. Other plants bees love are dahlias, pieris, honeysuckle, hawthorn and abelia.

Bring in wild birds

Welcoming wild birds into your backyard and keeping them chirpy can be as easy as installing bird boxes and bird feeders. But keep these out of reach of predators if you can. You can also give nesting birds a helping hand by pegging dog or cat hair to the washing line! It’s perfect for building their nests and keeping them warm. For the full guide on encouraging wild birds, take a look at our blog.

Build your own bug hotel

Not only can your backyard become a safe haven for bees and birds, but it can also become a retreat for lots of different insects and even hedgehogs! The kids will have loads of fun creating and discovering wildlife outside. Read our step-by-step guide to making a bug hotel here.

Brighten up walls and fences with paint

Give tired-looking fences a new lease of life with coat of exterior paint. Choose a bright colour to give a small outdoor space a refresh. For best results, you should start outdoor painting jobs when the weather’s dry. We recommend a beach hut blue for a gorgeous rustic look. Brightening up your walls with masonry paint will not only give them an instant refresh but also help keep them protected from weather damage. Don’t forget to pick up a masonry kit to make light work of the job.


Transforming your urban plot into a rustic retreat means being creative so have fun with it! Share your own rustic garden ideas with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And for more garden inspiration, head over to our garden department at wilko.com.


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