Christmas lights aren’t just for your tree and they don’t have to be just for Christmas either! There are loads of different ways you can use them in your home to make decorations for your fireplace, table centrepieces, or just general pretty decorations for your home.

Taking various sets of lights and jars, we set about finding all the ways we could use them to make Christmas decorations. Here’s what we came up with.

Jar with lights

Kilner Jar

For a seasonal table centrepiece or fireplace feature, take jars of different sizes, unscrew the lids and add the lights. If you need to pack out your jars, add in decorations of your choice including pine cones or baubles. The design is totally up to you!

Get the look:
Large preserve jar – £2.75; Small preserve jar £2.25; 50 battery operated lights £5 


Lantern with decorations


Take your lantern and add one layer of lights to the bottom. Before adding the next layer, carefully add in a couple of baubles (choose a colour that matches your overall festive theme) then add in your next layer of lights. Repeat until you reach the top of the lantern. Make sure you pop the battery pack at the bottom of the lantern to keep it hidden.

Get the look:
Lanterns from £8baubles50 battery operated lights £5 


Wreath with lights

Want to customise and jazz up your wreath? Get it done using a set of battery operated copper lights. Arrange the lights around a wreath and hang on a door or wall (note, if you use these lights, don’t hang your wreath outside – these lights are for indoor use only). Try and position the battery pack at the back of the wreath to keep it hidden.

Get the look:
Waverley cones and berries wreath  £15;  50 battery operated lights – £5 


Pine cones in a vasePine Cone Vase

The white frosted tips of these pine cones come to life with the bright copper lights. If art and craft is your thing, why not pick up some fallen pine cones and decorate them in your own unique design?

Get the look:
Christmas snowy cones £1; 40 copper mouldable battery operated lightsHurricane clear vase – £5;


Wine bottle of lights

Wine Bottle Lights

For this eye-catching display, we’ve chosen green wine bottles. The copper colour of the lights matches the green tint of the glass perfectly.

Get the look:
Green wine bottles; 20 copper mouldable battery operated lights



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