Recycle Week kicks off on Monday 22nd June and here at Wilko HQ we’re doing our bit with our very own tin can recycling challenge. It’s really easy to change your recycling habits and this year’s Recycle Week theme is all about ‘recycling around the home’. We’ve got lots of ideas to inspire you to get involved this year.


Did you know that each one of us throws away around 110kg of food every year (equivalent in weight to your average giant panda!)? There are lots of things you can do to reduce the amount of food you throw away each week:

• Rather than throwing away any leftovers after a meal why not pop it into an airtight container and freeze for another day? If you find you’re wasting food regularly, the Love Food Hate Waste website has a handy portion planner which tells you how much you should be buying depending on how many people you’re cooking for.

• Make a habit of raiding the kitchen cupboards for ingredients you forgot you had and use these as inspiration for your next meal. You can search for recipes online that contain specific ingredients. The BBC food website is a great starting point.

• And when it comes to post; reduce the amount of junk mail that drops through your letterbox by letting the sender know that you don’t wish to receive mail from them. Avoid receiving mail from companies you genuinely deal with by switching to their online services instead which most now offer.


• Often something you think is out-dated is just what someone else has been looking for. There are lots of ways you can re-use your unwanted items such as donating them to charity or housing projects, or advertising them online. Freecycle is a great website where you can pick up and sell your items for nothing.

• Instead of throwing away your old clothes or furniture, decide whether or not they can be easily repaired. If you’re not a dab hand with a needle and thread there are lots of repair services available that can do the job for you.


compost bin

You’ll be amazed by how much of your household waste can be recycled. In the UK, 100 million tonnes of waste is produced every year and up to 80% can be recycled. Here are a few tips for how you can do your bit:

• Make life easier by investing in a two-section bin. You can then put non-recyclable waste in one side and recyclable waste in the other. Check out your local authority’s website for items which can be recycled.

• Anything that can’t be recycled through your normal bin collection can often be taken to a local recycling point. You can search for your nearest here.

• Make sure there’s a bin in your bathroom if you don’t already have one. There are lots of items here which can be recycled such as shampoo bottles, mouthwash and hair colour boxes.

• Make the most of your household waste by turning it into compost! You’ll be amazed by what you can recycle this way and all you need to get started is a composter and a small kitchen caddy. Vegetable peelings, salad leaves, grass cuttings and garden leaves are all ideal for composting and can be put straight into a compostable caddy liner. Have a look at our composting blog here to find out more.

• When it’s finished, don’t throw away your ink cartridge as they can easily be recycled. When you buy any of our Wilko printer inks you’ll also get a freepost envelope to send off your used cartridge. What’s more, for every cartridge that’s recycled, we’ll make a donation of £1 to our local charities!

Do you have anymore tips for recycling? Share these with us by tweeting @LoveWilko.

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