If you buy a nice white top, you want it to stay that way. Same goes for bright colours. As for creases, ironing can be a real chore but it’s nice to be neat. Here we give some simple little tips that will help keep your clothes looking in tip top condition while easing the load.

Inside out
Turning all your clothes inside out before washing helps stop colours fading and denims scuffing.

Delicately does it
If delicates are machine washable, they’ll still need to be looked after, so pop them in a pillowcase or net bag to stop any damage while they’re spinning around.

No more pinky whites
We’ve all done it! Left a stray red sock in with our white load and ended up with pink clothes! Pop a Colour Catchers in the wash with your load and problem solved. These are also ideal if you only do small washes at a time as you can mix your whites and colours together in the same wash.

Lighten the load
Try not to put too many clothes into your machine at the same time as this will mean your wash is less effective and can cause more creasing. Instead try to do small washes more often (this will mean less ironing too!).

Give yourself a raise
However tall you are, raising the height of your ironing board saves you bending over – stopping you from straining your back and making ironing that much easier. Our ironing boards do the job in style.

Sort it out
Get your family helping out with the load – pick up a couple of our Hipster laundry baskets in different colours and label them whites/lights and colours so that the whole family are helping you out with the everlasting pile!

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