Perfectly Laundered – 8 steps to the freshest, cleanest clothes

Here at Wilko, we love laundry! And with a bit of help along the way we can take the load off your mind too!

Follow our step by step guide to keeping your laundry in tip top condition. We’ll be posting our 8 steps over the next week, so stay tuned for info on everything from tackling tough stains to surprising clothes storage solutions!

Step 1 —Tackling the toughest stains

Let’s face it, our poor clothes can suffer all manner of drips, dribbles, spills and splashes that can prove a nightmare to get out. But with the right help, stains can be a thing of the past. We’ve got all types of products that are just the job from Dr. Beckmann and Ariel to Vanish and Dylon.

Just dripped ketchup down your favourite t-shirt or spilled coffee down your best work shirt? No worries! Our handy Hints & Tips section has ideas on beating the most stubborn of stains… take a look.

Find out more top tips for tackling your laundry in the rest of our series:

Step 2 — Staying on top of the wash

Step 3 — Softening you up

Step 4 — Dry time

Step 5 — Easy peasy ironing

Step 6 — Hangin’ with the in-crowd

Step 7 — Surprising storage solutions

Step 8 — A stitch in time

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