We’re always on a mission to keep your garden looking in tip top condition, and your lawn’s no exception! After years of hard work and research, we think we’ve come up with a lawn seed that’s quite simply best in grass!

Specially developed over three years with agrostologists from across the UK, we’re proud to welcome Rainbow Grass Seed to our garden range.

This exciting new addition will transform your dreary lawn into a multi-coloured carpet fit for any garden party!

Simple steps to a rainbow of colour

Each Rainbow Coloured Lawn Seed Kit includes seven rainbow coloured packets and sowing your seeds couldn’t be simpler…or more fun!!

Take your first seed packet in red and give it a good jig before opening.

Take a handful of the seed and spin on the spot, releasing a small amount of grass seed on each turn. A sweeping arm motion will ensure a nice, even distribution. Repeat this along the same arc until the red seed packet is empty and follow underneath with the next colour.

For the perfectionists amongst us, create the perfect rainbow shape by laying skipping ropes in a semi-circle across your lawn and spread within the gaps.

Now all that’s left for you to do is sit back and wait for sunshine and rainbows! Who knows, you might even come back to a pot of gold?

Give your garden a multi-coloured makeover

With the rising popularity of rainbow products including cakes, bagels and doughnuts, now’s the perfect time to introduce this trend into your garden.

It’s available in 700g and 7kg sizes, enough to cover 40 sq metres or 200 sq metres respectively. Visit us in store from April 1st to pick up our fabulous new product. It’s available until midday while stocks last.

So why not inject a sea of colour into your garden this summer? The grass may well be greener on the other side of the fence, but no-one will be complaining!

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