The final bell has rung at school and the kids have rushed out full of excitement for the summer ahead, which leaves parents racking their brains trying to think of fun ways to keep them entertained for the next 6+ weeks.

Whether you’re taking them on holiday or you’re just spending some time with them at home, we’ve put together some fantastic activities that will help to keep them out of mischief this summer.

Outdoor play

If the sun puts its hat on this summer (fingers crossed) the outdoors becomes the perfect playground for your child(ren). There are a number of ways to fill their days full of fun in the garden, from playing in paddling pools to creating an obstacle course.

Splashing around: If the weather is warm, introducing water to their activities is a great way to keep them cool. Opt for paddling pools, water guns and other cool water accessories (we love the Wilko fish squirters)! You could even put lots of pennies in the bottom of the paddling pool and have a competition as to who can get the most coins in their fishing net!

Fuel their imaginations: Introduce imaginative play to the garden with playhouses, slides, trampolines and sand tables. With these they’ll be able to create their own world of adventure, keeping them entertained for hours on end.

Camping: If the weather stays fine and you’ve got a tent stored away, why not have a camping night with the kids? Head to a local campsite or put a tent up in your back garden.

Fly high: Should the weather take a bit of a turn for the worse and it becomes a bit windy outside, make the most of it by flying kites.

Car boots: Summer’s the perfect time to have a clear out so why not sign up for your local car boot sale? Get the kids to bag up things they no longer want (it may be worth checking what they’re throwing out first!) and head on down to your local car boot sale. This will not only entertain them on the day of the car boot but for days before too…and you can treat them with the money you make!



With the European Championship, Wimbledon and the Olympics packed into this summer, it’s a great time to get your kids interested in sports. Encourage them to play ball games and help them practise their skills. You never know, you may find that you have the next Wayne Rooney or Andy Murray on your hands!

Get competitive: Host some Olympic games in your back garden, with a retro egg and spoon race (opt for our Wilko play eggs to avoid the mess!), sack race or tug-of-war!



If you’re looking for a way to spend a family day out or you want to find a way to entertain your kids and their friends, picnics are a great option. With plastic plates and a variety of yummy food, they’ll love to host their own teddy bears’ picnic!


Packing up to go on holiday or heading out for a day on the beach? There are all sorts of ways you can keep the kids entertained. Buckets and spades are a must and why not create a fun game by having a sandcastle building competition? Don’t forget some ball games too!

Indoor play

While we’re hoping that the sun will shine all summer, it’s quite likely that there may be a day or two of rain, so it’s best to prepare for all eventualities. Have some back-up plans for some fun indoor activities, just in case.

Building dens: Let their imaginations run wild by building dens indoors – all you need are sofas, cushions and rugs.

Make-believe: Dig out some old clothes or fancy dress costumes and let them create their own play that they can then perform to you. You could even host your own talent show where you all have to do an act – with all of you taking it in turns to be the judge (who can do the best Simon Cowell impression?). Don’t forget to film these shows if you can as they’ll provide great entertainment at their 18th birthday party!

Get crafty: If you’ve got the time to do crafts with the kids, why not engage them with card making activities or picture painting? Let them loose with paints, cards and colourful stickers and they’re bound to have hours of fun with these. This will also provide you with ample cards for friends and family over the coming months! (Grans love these!)

Duvet day: If you’re all in need of a nice, quiet day, why not have a movie day? Get some popcorn in the house, bring the duvet down from upstairs and snuggle up with some of your favourite family movies. Perfect!

Cook up a storm: Get the kids involved in the kitchen by asking them to help you cook tea, bake cakes or make homemade jams. They’ll love to get hands on and this will also help to make light work of your to do list, especially if you’re having a family party.

kids summer fun

Days out

There are so many places to visit in the UK, so why not look at local places of interest that you and the family can visit? From strawberry picking to visiting the local zoo, there are ample amounts of entertainment to be had in your local area.

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