While most of us go to uni to meet new people, experience new things and have some fun, there’s the more serious side too. Hopefully by the end of university education, you’ll come away with a good qualification to set you up for the world of work. Studying is an important part of the experience and will mostly be done from the small room you’ll call home for the next few years. Get the most out of your study time and create an environment that suits both work and play by following our top tips.

Keep it tidy

Chances are your desk won’t be big enough to hold weeks worth of paper and course books so each time you sit down to work, start with a clutter-free desk. You’ll be more likely to get stuck into your studies if you don’t have lots of distractions on your desk and actually have somewhere to put your laptop!

Have a bin to hand so rubbish doesn’t start to pile up in the corner. Our great value plastic bin is just the job and a bargain at only £1.50!

Keep any loose items such as pens, pencils and highlighters to hand with our gorgeous rose gold pen pot. This range includes a tray, magazine holder and tidy tray too so you can complete the look in style.

Let there be light

Having the right lighting can make a big difference around your desk space. If it’s not positioned near any natural light or you prefer to do your studies after dark, invest in a desk lamp so you’re able to see what you’re doing! Our range starts from just £4 with 5 colours to choose from; white, black, grey, yellow or red.

Make it personal

Sitting at your desk needn’t be a chore. Brighten it up with a few well-chosen accessories. Just don’t go overboard and find out there’s no space to actually do any work! Having a desk tray is perfect for keeping on top of which assignments need finishing. Keep all your assignments that need completing in the tray until they’re done, that way you’ll not miss any important deadlines.

Stationery is a must-have for any desk and at Wilko there’s a range to suit every taste. If you like your stationery to be vibrant, our Tribes collection will tick all the boxes. Looking for something more calming? Why not take a look at our Reminisce range with its soft, pastel colours and butterfly prints?

Finally, if there’s space, add some personality to your desk with some wall art. There’s no need to worry about leaving marks on the wall if you hang them with Command hooks. Simply remove them at the end of the year and no-one will be any the wiser! If there’s no room, you could always pin a few photos to your noticeboard instead (leave room for work though!).

Tribes stationery

Get organised

A tidy desk = a tidy mind so start as you mean to go on. If you’re organised from the start it’ll be easier to keep on top of your studies as you go through the year. An absolute essential for your desk is a whiteboard, and this one is perfect. Keep it updated each week with your to dos or use it to brainstorm essays then wipe clean when you’re done. If you’re looking for something a little more glam, our Botanica noticeboard is ideal.

No desk is complete without a filing system (yes boring we know!). All you need are a few box files and you’re good to go. Keep all your completed assignments and course notes filed away so they’re close to hand when you need them for revision.

Find all your essentials online at wilko.com and get your student life sorted.

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