Whilst studying at university, unless you choose to live at home and commute you are bound to be living in student accommodation.  It’s such an exciting and liberating part of student life and once you have met the strangers that may well become friends for life ( plus the ones you can’t wait to get away from)  and you’ve started settling in, the everyday tasks like keeping the place tidy will be on your mind. No one wants their fellow students to think they are a slob and with the help of Wilko you’ll be able to keep on top of the cleaning without breaking the bank.

Keeping your room tidy

First things first, if everyone keeps their own space tidy and pulls their weight, no one will fall out. We all know, however that life’s rarely that simple and with a house full of intelligent, high spirited fun seeking students living away from home, it’s going to be easy to let the cleaning slip. However little and often is the key and will be throughout your life where cleaning something at some point is unfortunately unavoidable.

Your room at uni may well become the sacred haven you escape to away from the hustle and bustle of student life. Help maintain a clean, calm and relaxing environment by giving everything a home and putting things back when you have finished with them. Not only will it help keep your room looking tidy but it will help you to find things when you are rushing around on a different day. Although most student accommodation is furnished additional storage is a great idea.

We love: These Handy clear storage container with lid . Wilko 80 litre storage containers are great to move your stuff to uni in and either leave packed and organised or re-purpose to store other items once you are there.

Give everything a quick clean once a week

It will only take about 5 minutes to whip round the surfaces either with an antibacterial spray and a cloth or for super speedy convenience check out our handy surface wipes .At 50p a pop they are cheap, convenient and an effective way to keep on top of the germs that make so many students poorly sick during term time.

Shared areas

If you are in halls or a shared house you will probably have a shared kitchen, bathroom and living room facilities. Some halls and private rentals may come complete with en-suites and cleaners but for the majority of students there will be an expectation to keep the shared areas clean and tidy. Remember keeping these areas in good condition throughout the year may help you get your hands back on that deposit which was paid out before you even moved in.

As old, boring and utterly drab as it sounds a rota really can be the fairest way to ensure that everyone pulls their weight and maintains a nice living environment. Whether it actually works or not depends on the personalities and tasks involved and although no one wants a reputation as a filthy slob, no one wants to be known as squeaky clean Sue either so it’s important to try and find the right balance for your household.


student cleaning tips

Here are a few tips for shared areas that might help maintain household harmony on the hygiene front:

Keep the loo clean

Always flush, wipe the seat and change empty loo rolls. Every so often give it a good clean down and a quick blast with bleach to keep germs at bay.

We love:

Toilet wipes


If you can’t stand the smell of bleach try  Zaflora, a favourite of grannies and yummy mummies and maybe even you!

Keep the shower/ bath clean and fresh

Help keep bathroom mould and mildew to a minimum by opening a window while you shower and leaving the door open afterwards to allow airflow. This will help dry out your bathroom quicker and keep it fresh. If you use the bath, always remember to be polite and give it a quick rinse when you have finished- especially if you’ve been shaving those legs!

We love:

Shower cleaner: simply spay and leave to work it’s magic

Washing up

If there is no dishwasher, in a shared house a pile of dishes can soon mount up. Each household will tackle this task differently, some may choose to wash up after themselves as they go along, take it in turns in line with sharing the cooking or leave it to mount up and blitz it in marathon washing up sessions. Whatever you choose to do make sure you are stocked up and ready to go when the time does come to show those dishes some soapy water.

We love:

Lemon fresh washing up liquid

Fill and clean washing up brush

Protect those hands with fetching rubber gloves

Keeping the fridge clean

Always remember to throw out old foods before they get mouldy. Should anyone forget simply throw the item away, give the fridge a quick clean with either an antibacterial spay or wipe. If the smell of that mouldy old trout (or whatever food item it may have been) is lingering open a box of bicarbonate of soda and leave it to stand in the fridge. It will quickly absorb the unpleasant odour and the fridge will soon be back to good working order.

cleaning products

Shared microwaves

Generally speaking, shared microwaves can soon get pretty grubby and become absolute breeding ground for bacteria should they be left to fester. Clean up soup explosions the cheap and easy way by filling a microwaveable bowl with two cups of water, two table spoons of white vinegar and heat for 5 minutes. Leave the steam to do it’s work, remove and then wipe down. Ta da! Good as new(ish).

Keeping your shared digs clean is only one part of the varied tapestry of student life, there are times when life will seem far too short to worry about the cleaning and of course sometimes it is but remember by keeping your place clean can help you stay healthy, avoid being known as a slob and help get your deposit back at the end of the year so head down to Wilko, get stocked up and be a doer that gets to do’s done!

We would love to know your tales of student living and your top tips, get in touch @LoveWilko or at our Facebook page.

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