Doing the washing can feel like a never-ending task, especially if you have quite a large family. One trick we’ve learned is to have two or more laundry baskets clearly labelled, separating your colours from your lights and whites – this way even the kids will be helping you out in a small way. For more washing tips click here.

Label sense  Whilst it might seem a bit of a chore, also try and get in the habit of reading the labels in your new clothes. Sometimes the least expected item may have a hidden “Dry clean only” message and you don’t want that favourite new dress to suddenly shrink to Barbie-size! When it comes to hand washing, whether you take the machine risk or not is up to you, but remember, you have been warned! We’ll have more info about hand-washing those more delicate garments later this week, so stay tuned!

Bio or Non-bio? So what is the difference between biological and non-biological wash powders? Bios include enzymes that help break down stains such as chocolate, grease and make-up. Non-bios don’t include these enzymes and are generally used for delicate silk and wool items. It is believed that bios are unkind to sensitive skin but there is little truth to this. If your skin is easily irritated try using the extra rinse option on your washing machine at the end of your regular cycle – this stops any detergent residue being left behind.

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