Now that the days are getting longer and warmer, it is the perfect time to give your garden furniture a good clean and a new lease of life.


At Wilko, we have everything you need to tidy up your furniture. Plastic furniture is so practical all you will need to remove any ground in winter dirt and grime from your plastic furniture with some warm soapy water and a little bit of elbow grease.

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Give your metal furniture a good wash with soapy water and dry down completely. Check for any rust on the metal and remove with a wire brush or steel wool. Use a clean cloth to ensure that all the rust particles have been removed. We have a great range of metal paints for you to choose from, whether you decide to match up any patches or give it a completely new look with a brand new colour, we have everything you need.

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It’s worth taking the time to clean and protect your wooden furniture. Good maintenance will help it to last a life time. Pressure washers are ideal for removing any stubborn winter dirt. They are a practical and wonderful addition to any household, making light of many of the harder, expensive jobs like cleaning the patio or the drive way. We have a fabulous range available to suit any budget.

Remember: Always check your wooden furniture over for any broken or rotten wood. Think about replacing these to avoid any accidents or mishaps.
Whether staining, oiling or painting your furniture , giving wood a quick rub down with sandpaper before re-treating will make for an improved, longer lasting finish. We have a huge range of sandpaper, wood stains, paints, varnishes and oils to choose from.

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We understand that although it’s ideal to pack garden furniture away in a shed or garage, it’s not always possible so we have a wide range of covers to protect your furniture throughout the year.

And Relax ….

Once your furniture is clean and sparkly and looking like new again it’s the perfect time to get your feet up and relax. Make the most of the longer evenings and enjoy your outdoor space.

Something new for 2016

If your garden furniture really has had its day or you just fancy a new look for 2016, we have a fantastic range to choose from in styles to suit any taste and any budget at and in store.


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