More than ever, our weekends are precious. Cleaning the home is often something we’d rather get done and out of the way as quickly as possible. While cleaning and tidying might not be the most inspiring tasks on your list of things to do, they are essential for keeping your home happy and healthy. That’s why we’ve created this all-encompassing cleaning blog. We’ve shared all our favourite cleaning hacks and top tips to make sure you can whizz through the chores and get back to doing whatever it is you enjoy most. 

Make your oven sparkle

It doesn’t take much for the oven to get dirty with burnt-on food, yet it always seems like a big job to get it clean. Well, we’ve got a little-known tip for you. Did you know that dishwasher tablets can get rid of even the toughest stains? All you have to do is dip half a tablet in water (be careful not to soak it too much), then just rub the tablet all over the grime on the inside of your oven and watch as the dirt comes loose!

Dish washer tablet in bowl   Dish washer tablet cleaning oven   Dish washer tablet after cleaning oven

Freshen up your microwave

Say goodbye to caked-on food spills by popping some water, white vinegar and half a lemon in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 3-minutes, then leave the bowl to cool. Once it has cooled, open the door and wipe the inside of your microwave clean. You’ll be amazed how easy it is!

Microwave with cleaning products  Microwave with bowl  Microwave

Tackle tricky blinds

Anyone who has Venetian blinds will know how delicate and awkward they are to clean. But that doesn’t stop the dust and grime settling on them. So, we’ve got a great little trick to gently clean this often-overlooked area. First, raid the kitchen for a pair of tongs, some rubber bands and two microfibre dust cloths. Then all you need to do is wrap a cloth around each tong and secure using the rubber band. Taking one blind strip at a time, sandwich each between your tongs and away you go. Simply swipe and repeat! 

Tongs hack

Extra quick tips 

Here are a few fast fixes you can use around the whole house. 

Little hack #1

Lampshades are very good at attracting dust – use a lint roller to remove any dust with little effort for a big impact!

Using a lint roller to remove dust

Little hack #2

Want to keep dust away for longer? Use fresh tumble dryer sheets to dust. There’s an anti-static coating on them which’ll be transferred onto your furniture.

Dryer sheet hack

Little hack #3

Use furniture polish to make stainless steel appliances shine. You won’t look back!

Use furniture polish on appliances

Little hack #4

Struggling to get cobwebs hiding up high? Attach a microfibre cloth over a broom with a rubber band and get dusting all those hard-to-reach spots!

Cloth on mop  Woman using mop

Vegan cleaning

If you’ve chosen to go Vegan but aren’t quite sure how to apply it to your cleaning routine, fear not. With so many brilliant products now available, vegan cleaning really isn’t as difficult as you might expect. For example, wilko Plastic Free Antibacterial Lemon & Mandarin Surface Wipes are perfect for all those quick clean-up jobs, or you could keep a bottle of wilko Eco Multi Surface Spray to hand. It’s not only kind to the environment but will be gentle on your furniture too. Even if you’re not a vegan you can still do your bit for the environment while taking care of the household chores because lots of our wilko range are already vegan and eco-friendly!

Traditional cleaners are sometimes the best cleaners

You can turn cleaning into a complicated, clutter-making activity if you buy too many products and tools to do it with. Many people are turning away from anti-bacterial cleaners and dangerous caustic cleaning, opting for traditional cleaning methods instead. Keep it simple but effective by investing in the following:hand holding scourers

Microfibre mops: Buying one of these along with removable and washable covers is a must, as they’re far more effective than traditional mops. Microfibre cleaners are so effective because of how small the fabric fibres are. This allows them to attach to even the smallest pieces of dust and dirt, something their large-fibre cloth equivalents just can’t do. The mop can be used to clean all sorts of different areas including floors, ceilings and walls and, in a lot of cases, just using water is enough because the microfibre is so good at collecting germs and dirt.

Microfibre cloths: Just as with the above, this type of cloth provides you with the ultimate cleaning accessory. For best results, dampen the cloth with warm water, then dry the surface using a dry microfibre cloth, which will remove all of the germs, dirt and dust. Wash these after each use.

Vacuum cleaner with attachments: It’s always worth spending a little bit more on your vacuum if you can, because a high-quality one should last a lot longer and will make light work of your tasks. Plus, if you can get one with various different attachments, it can help to speed up the cleaning process of other things like carpets, blinds, upholstery etc.

Vinegar and baking soda: These are traditional items in the cleaning cupboard but are still very effective natural cleaners. Save an old spray bottle to store them in.

Cleaning brushes: The only brushes you need for an efficient cleaning regime are toilet brushes, scrubbing brushes and an old toothbrush for grout lines and hard-to-reach grooves.

Squeegee: To get a streak-free finish on your windows, mirrors and shower glass, invest in an unbeatable squeegee!

Gloves: Protect your hands from harsh chemicals and excess water by opting for a pair of rubber gloves.

So as you see, ticking off a chore doesn’t have to be a bore. We hope you enjoy trying out some of our tips. One of the main ways to power through the cleaning is to stick on your favourite playlist and bust a few dance moves while you’re at it! With all of our quick fixes and handy little hacks you’ll soon have the place looking clean, smelling fresh and ready for the week ahead. In fact, why not try squeezing a few little jobs into your weekdays. Who knows, you could manage to totally free up your weekend for the really fun stuff.

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