A tidy house is a happy house, but when your storage space is limited, small homes can still feel cluttered even after a good tidy up. It’s often difficult to organise and simplify your living space when it needs to serve so many purposes. Luckily, there are a few great ways to beat the chaos with clever storage solutions.

Most of us could do with a bit more space – whether you live in the kind of apartment a crafty estate agent would call ‘cosy’ (we’ve all been there) or you share your home with a large family. Making the most of every nook and cranny will open up a world of extra space to stash things neatly out of sight and have them magically reappear again when needed.

Take a seat

Disguised as a handy seat, a storage ottoman is a fantastically versatile de-cluttering tool that is useful in many different ways. It’s like a comfy treasure chest for your hallway or bedroom.

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Sleep on it

There’s a whole world of storage space hiding under your bed! All you need is a couple of underbed storage boxes to slide underneath and you’ll have a small closet-sized amount of sturdy, dust-protected packing space within easy reach.


Rack it up

A well-placed four-tier shoe rack in the entrance hall or behind a bedroom door uses minimum floor space to stack up to 12 pairs of shoes, freeing up valuable room in the cupboard (and ensuring those muddy wellies are checked in at the door). If you don’t have space for a four-tier rack, we also have a smart 2-tier shoe rack to keep things tidy.


Clever cubes

Making your storage stylish enough to put on display is a smart way of hiding things in plain view. Our faux leather storage boxes look great standing on a shelf or stacked next to one another. Perfect for storing all that never-ending pile of paper!


Vac it and pack it

Puffed-up crisp packets and storing clothing have one thing in common: a lot of pointless air! That’s why putting winter clothes or extra bedding into a flat vacuum storage bag saves up to four times the space. What’s more, they’re transparent so you won’t have to unpack them all to hunt for your favourite jumper.

vac pack storage bags

So get creative, and make the most of your space. Check out our full range of storage solutions online at wilko.com

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