We all live busy lives, full of lists and things to do: stick the washing in, reply to that important e-mail, drop the kids off, grab the shopping, pick the kids up again, cut the grass, nip to the gym, find something for dinner…

With all of these things to juggle, it often means that security is the last thing on our minds! We’ll set the alarm and lock the front door… we might check the back door (if we remember!) and we’ll happily pop that spare key under the plant pot by the door and disappear off to the next job on our list. But do we think about anything else?

Is your home secure?

Some burglars will be opportunists who act quickly when they see the chance to steal something from someone’s property while others will take their time, monitoring a property to see when people are out. That’s why it’s so important that you aren’t giving burglars easy access to your home, that it always looks occupied and that there aren’t any places for burglars to hide until the opportunity arises for them.

Walk around your home and ask yourself the following questions:

  • When you’re away on holiday does lots of post accumulate on your entrance hall floor? Are the curtains shut all the time and do any lights come on and off?
  • Are any doors or windows left open? Even ones that aren’t on the ground floor and can’t be accessed easily?
  • Are there visible locks on your doors and windows?
  • Is the outside of your home well lit?
  • Do you leave a spare key underneath a plant pot or in another easy to find place?
  • Are there high hedges / walls that will prevent a burglar from being seen in your garden?
  • Will a burglar make a noise when entering your home? I.e. is there a gravel driveway?
  • Are there any ladders around your home that a burglar could use?
  • Are there any valuables in your shed or garage?
  • Is your shed or garage safe and do they have security locks and high-quality padlocks?

Protecting your home and its possessions

It’s easy to forget about home security until it’s too late, but giving your home and possessions a little extra protection doesn’t take long. It’s also great to think of older family members, too – why not fit a chain lock on Mum and Dad’s door (it’s super easy!) or change that rusty shed lock? Have a look at our video below to find out how!

At Wilko, we’ve got all you need to make your home safe and secure, from smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to security and garden lighting and padlocks of all shapes and sizes. Here are some of the products featured in the video:

Window stopYale digital safeshed lock and alarm

Yale PVC window stop£12.99

Yale digital safe£29.99

Yale shed lock and alarm£24.99

night latchwilko combi lock

Wilko deadlocking night latch£19.99

Master Lock key box£29.99

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