Many of us will be out and about ‘trick or treating’ this Halloween but the popular tradition isn’t for everyone! If you’ve chosen not to ‘trick or treat’ this year (or you just fancy doing something new) we’ve come up with a few different ways to celebrate!

1. Halloween movie night
(complete with scary snacks!) 

Close all the curtains, turn off the lights and get snuggly on the sofa! A movie night is a great Halloween option as you can choose a film (or films) the whole family will love. 

Depending how old your kids are, you could pick less-scary films such as Casper the Friendly Ghost, Monsters Inc or Harry Potter or, if the kids are a bit older, you can go for an all-out thriller-fest with lots of cushions to hide behind!

If your children are scared of the trick or treaters in their costumes, the film should also help distract them from the knocks on the door! Meanwhile, inside, you can all dress up as characters from the film!

"Spider" sandwiches

For something to nibble on, make scary popcorn by adding food dye and tell the kids they’re zombie bogies (green) or vampire treats (red)! Make some spider sarnies by cutting out circles of bread with cookie cutters and filling with their favourite sandwich fillings, adding Twiglets for legs (see picture). And Halloween wouldn’t be complete without something sweet, so don’t forget to grab a Halloween sweetie bag or choose your own pick n mix with lots of gummy fangs and jelly creepy crawlies.

2. Spooky storytelling

Halloween is the perfect time for telling scary stories! To help avoid nightmares, why not get your children to write their own stories to try and terrify the grown-ups! They’ll love the chance to scare you and, because they’ve written the stories themselves, they’re less likely to become upset or frightened.

For added fun, cut up some pieces of paper and write down a few prompts. Turn the paper over and ask the kids to pick three or more. Then, get them to write a story that includes all the words they picked!

Some prompt ideas might be:

  • Tree
  • Spider’s web
  • Witch
  • House
  • Graveyard
  • Vampire
  • Cat
  • Ghost
  • Thunderstorm
  • Candle
  • Pumpkin
  • Creaky floorboards

Just think of all the usual ghost story features and you’ll have loads of ready-made prompts to jot down!

Next, make a den in the living room using cushions and sheets and all get inside to read the stories out. Turn off all the lights and give the person reading the story a big torch for an extra spooky feel. Now all it takes is a bit of acting from you – so get practising your best scared face!

3. Pumpkin carving competition

See who can carve the best pumpkin… ready – steady – go! You might need to get an impartial judge for this one; we suggest asking a neighbour – or why not post a picture up on social media and get friends and family to vote?

Obviously adult supervision is required, so you might want to split into teams with one grown-up on each. Alternatively, pumpkin painting is a younger-child-friendly option!

Carve out a face template on a pumpkin

Once finished – pop a candle in each (taking the necessary safety precautions) and display them in the window or on your porch for everyone to see. Remember – don’t leave these unattended and make sure you blow the candles out before bed.

Oh, and don’t forget a special prize for your pumpkin carving champion!

4. Frightfully fun Halloween events

Lots of places around the country host Halloween parties, ghost walks or similar events around October 31st. Keep your eyes open for posters and leaflets about what’s going on in your local area or head off on an adventure to a theme park or museum.

If you can’t find anything suitable, why not host your own Halloween party? Serve up some scary snacks and have a go at Halloween games (apple bobbing is a particular party fave!) or creepy Halloween crafts.

You could even host a cake-decorating party: bake some cupcakes or gingerbread men beforehand and let the kids loose with icing, sprinkles, marshmallows and sweeties! Or for a healthier, easy-to-make treat take a look at our boo-nana recipe (coming soon on the blog!). This will keep the kids busy and give everybody something to take home.

If you have young children who might be frightened by a scary theme, you could go for something different. Why not host a ‘magic party’ where the little ones dress as witches, wizards, fairies and other mythical creatures?!

What are you getting up to this Halloween?
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