Many people use a fabric softener (also known as fabric conditioner) alongside their detergent to leave washing nice and soft, and smelling great. After a quick poll around Wilko HQ, we soon discovered how much people love fabric softener (yes, really!) so we’ve pulled together the main benefits of using softener, and some top tips for keeping your fabrics fresh.

Why do people use fabric softeners?

A soft touch – fabric softener can help reduce the harshness and stiffness of some fabrics, and towels and sheets always seem so much softer!

Breath of fresh air – there’s nothing quite like putting fresh smelling clothes on in the morning or wrapping up under a soft fresh duvet cover at night

Rid your clothes of wrinkles – fabric softener reduces wrinkles in your clothes. Sadly, some materials will still have to be ironed, but adding fabric softener to your laundry will help to reduce the amount of wrinkles in your laundry

Keep clothes looking fresh – fabric conditioner keeps your clothes looking newer for longer. Fibres can tangle and bobble when washed without fabric conditioner, making them prone to wear and tear

Reducing static – by using fabric softener you can reduce the static cling caused by your dryer, particularly on synthetic fibre

With so many fabric softeners on the market, and so many exotic and luxurious fragrances, you’re sure to find one you love! We’ve got a great range of Wilko fabric conditioners including Cotton Flower and Exotic Ylang, and our personal favourite, Soft Rose and Orange Blossom. We’ve also got some amazing offers on big brands – check out Lenor Gold Orchid Fabric Conditioner 1.15L, which is half price at only £2.25!

If you aren’t so worried about softness, check out the new Lenor Unstoppables range. The little scent beads go directly into the washing machine to give a fresh scent boost, which can last for up to 12 weeks! They can be used with all colours and fabrics, and are particularly good for sports clothes and towels.

Top Tips

  • Don’t pour fabric softener directly onto your clothing; they can contain colouring agents which may stain! Always put it in the designated compartment in your washing machine’s drawer
  • If you find that your linen doesn’t smell quite as fresh as you’d like, our fabric fresheners will prove invaluable – they’re  great for people who have smokers or pets in the family

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