If your kitchen is on the small side, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with utensils, pans and food tins. It might feel like you have more stuff than space, but the key is to maximise the space you do have. Start by having a good clear out and getting rid of anything you don’t use, before taking a look at our kitchen storage ideas to get the most out of your remaining space:

Storage hacks

Don’t panic if your kitchen’s on the small side because we’re pretty sure there’s space in your cupboards you didn’t even realise existed! We’re really liking @lovenaheeda‘s handy hanging storage shelf – perfect if you haven’t the space on your worktops for a kitchen roll dispenser! Simply attach to the underside of your shelf and you’re away. You don’t have to use it for kitchen rolls, it’s also great for dinnerware too.

Let’s face it, cluttered shelves are a bit of an eyesore! Not only that but it makes it difficult to find what you’re after (and no-one likes sifting through loads of spice jars to find the right one whilst that pan of bolognese boils over). We’re feeling inspired by our customer’s shelfies! @our_hatton_home has made use of every inch of shelf space here with contemporary food storage as well as maximising on wall space by adding more than one shelf.

How to organise your kitchen

We love @lovenaheeda‘s idea of turning one cupboard shelf into four with a simple tiered kitchen organiser. Not only does it create more space but it also means you’ll no longer have to stand on tiptoes to see what’s right at the back of your cupboards!

And if you’ve not got a lot of kitchen cupboard space you’ll know how difficult it is to find a home for all your pots and pans. They may stack inside each other nicely but what about those pesky lids that you always have to just store precariously in every available space? Get them off your shelves and stack them neatly against the inside of the cupboard door with this handy pan lid rack. It’ll hold up to 4 saucepan lids which is perfect for helping you claim back some cupboard space.

Love the minimalist look? Why not try adding a few simple stick-on hooks to the inside of your cupboards to hang your tea towels from? It’s a great kitchen organisation tip!

Kitchen storage ideas

Reclaim dead space with clever kitchen organisers. If space in your cupboards is tight, think about wall storage or over door storage as a smart way to organise your room. Choose storage jars that fit your space too and stack where you can. We’re loving @atthelisles‘s use of storage caddys to keep loose food pouches together.

And instead of piling all your cutlery and utensils straight into a kitchen drawer, keep everything organised with a drawer organiser. You’ll be amazed how much extra space this creates in your drawers, whilst also allowing you to find what you’re looking for much quicker!

Kitchen storage labelling

It’s no good getting everything in order if you then can’t find it again when you need it. Allocate a place for all your things, and put them back in the right place when you’re done with them so you always know where they are. Use jars to organise and tidy in a snap – keep different types of snacks separate in storage jars, so you can always grab what you need in a hurry without having to empty every single thing first. Check out the labelling on @othersideofthewindow‘s food storage in the image below – it’s essential for items like flour and spices that can get easily mixed up.

If you don’t have time to create custom labelling why not give our blackboard lid jars a go instead like @lovenaheeda? The great thing about these jars is you can re-use them for different contents and re-label the jar with a quick wipe!


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