Raised beds are a great way of growing a variety of plants in any outdoor space. Many gardeners are opting for raised bed gardening for a number of brilliant reasons:

  • Ability to grow a variety of vegetables in a confined space
  • Control of soil quality
  • Improved drainage
  • The ability to tailor the soil type to the crop you are growing
  • Extra soil height increases root depth

Working at a comfortable height is a huge benefit to gardeners, making ‘growing your own’ more accessible to children and keen gardeners with mobility problems. Cloches, tunnels and frames can be easily fitted over the beds to support protection netting and the close planting of the crops creates a marvellous micro climate that can help cultivate healthier plants and bigger crops.

At Wilko, we love the idea of everyone digging in, having a go and embracing the grow your own ethos. We have everything you need to get started from raised bed kits, cloches, tunnels, gorgeous wooden raised beds, spades and of course all the compost, seeds and bulbs you will need.

Ideal crops to grow in a raised bed

  • Vegetables: Take your pick, almost all do well in raised beds from potatoes to asparagus
  • Fruit: Yummy strawberries, currants, raspberries and blackberries are all great fruits to try
  • Herbs:  Create a stunning, aromatic herb garden for year round flavoursome additions to your cuisine.
  • Flowers: raised beds are a good idea for establishing a cutting garden for cut flowers
  • Alpines such as aquilegia are  ideal as they relish good drainage
  • Shrubs: depending on how big your beds are, you may be able to grow some gorgeous shrubs

Top Tips

When building raised beds on top of hard surfaces, ensure a depth of at least 45cm (18in), but ideally 60cm (2ft), so that plants can root deeply. This will reduce their watering needs.

Plants in raised beds can dry out quickly, so keep an eye on their watering needs.

Shopping List

Raised bed


Raised bed kit, includes rods and hinges


PVC Cloche






Trowel and Fork


Don’t forget to grab a great range of seeds at bulbs too!

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