Brrr! It’s cold outside, with temperatures plummeting and frost, ice and even snow forecast in some parts of the country. It’s never nice when the weather catches us off guard, so we’ve pulled together some great value cold weather favourites to help you prepare for the big freeze.

Things for the home

There’s nothing better than getting cosy around the fire on an icy day. Stock up on heating essentials and you won’t be left out in the cold no matter how long the cold spell lasts.

Don’t have a fire? Don’t worry! Get a convector heater on and wrap up in a blanket and you’ll stay toasty through the worst weather.  Add a microwaveable heat pack or hot water bottle for extra warmth if you need to.

Our top picks:

Pack of 18 individually wrapped firelighters £2.50
Firelog £1.00
Firewood kindling £1.00
Daewoo Convector Heater 2000W £25
Kilrock gel-safe moisture trap £5.50
Microwaveable heat pack £4.00



Top tip: Warm air rises to the ceiling, so if you’ve got a ceiling fan, turn it on to it’s lowest setting. It’ll help push the warm air back down to where you can feel the benefit.

Outdoor essentials

When the weather is wintry, getting to the bottom of the garden can feel like you’re venturing on an Arctic expedition. It’s always a good idea to buy supplies in advance so that you don’t find yourself stuck. Keep a snow shovel or spade handy for clearing roads and paths, plus salt or grit to see off any dangerous ice.

Don’t forget animals in the cold weather, either. Give pets extra layers of bedding, and bring them indoors or into a shed if you can. And garden birds will really appreciate extra food when the ground is frozen solid.

Our top picks:

Wood shavings for small animals £2.00
Wild bird fat balls 50 tub £4.00



Top tip: Even if you’re wearing plenty of layers, you’ll still lose heat from any part of your body that’s exposed. It’s always a good idea to wear a hat to keep yourself extra warm!

Must-haves for your motor

Stay safe on the roads when it’s icy. Avoid making journeys if they’re not essential, and if they are, make sure you’re prepared for the worst. Keep warm clothes or a blanket in your boot, along with a small shovel, take water and snacks and make sure your phone’s charged before you set off.

Our top picks:


Blue Star de-icer 600ml £1.50
CarPlan pre-icer 500ml £4.00
Ice scraper and squeegee £1.50
Ring essentials 6amp battery charger £16
Concentrated screenwash £1.00


Top tip: Follow the Scout’s motto and always be prepared… check the news or travel websites for weather warnings, especially if you’re setting off on a long journey!

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