Have you been travelling up and down the country, maxing out your weekends with festival after festival? You will no doubt deserve a little post-festival R&R. After all that welly-wearing, tent-sleeping (or lack of!) and fast food-eating, your body will be craving nutrients and relaxation.

Recovering at home

To begin your post-festival recovery, start from the outside in. Make sure you’ve got your own calming space; this could be your bathroom, bedroom or living room.

Any space can be turned into a relaxing sanctuary with a few quick adjustments, such as low lighting, subtle fragrances and gentle music. To improve your lighting, opt for low lighting, instead of overhead. Ceiling lights, particularly spotlights, can be too bright, creating a harsh effect. Instead, tone down these lights using a dimmer switch or turn them off completely.

Replace overhead lighting with candles which give off a much softer light. If you choose unscented candles, use some incense at the same time to create a relaxing fragrance. We have a wide range of incense fragrances to choose from, but our personal favourites are the vanilla and orange grove.

Herbs such as jasmine, lavender and chamomile are known for their calming properties, so these are ideal for relaxation. One of our favourites is the jasmine noir candle, why not get a few and have one for each room?

Remember to always place candles on heatproof surfaces, away from curtains and other soft furnishings, and never leave them unattended.

Relaxing baths

When you get home after a heavy weekend of festival adventuring, you should get that bath running right away. A long soak in the tub will cure all sorts of ailments, relax your muscles and generally get you into a chilled-out state of mind. For a bit of herbal goodness, pour some bath soak under the running tap.

After a nice soak, it’s time to give your skin a bit of well-deserved TLC. All that trudging through mud and dancing until the early hours will leave your feet feeling a little worse for wear. To bring them back to life, start by using an exfoliating foot scrub, which will leave them feeling soft and smooth again.

Finish off your pampering by moisturising your face and body, to make sure your skin is left feeling as soft as a baby.

Makeover from head to toe

Whether you were battling gale force winds, or soaking up the rays all weekend, your skin probably won’t be feeling its freshest. To bring yourself back to life, choose a good face scrub to cleanse and soften those all important areas. Make sure you rinse your skin well with warm water and finish off with a gentle, unscented moisturiser to combat dryness.

If your skin needs a little looking after, chances are your hair does too! Hot weather, eating poorly and drinking alcohol can all have an effect on your hair. A quick way to get your hair looking glossy and gorgeous again is to use a hair mask. Choose a conditioner designed for dry, dull hair.

Kick-start your healthy diet

A long weekend of partying will have left your body feeling undernourished, so make sure you replenish some of those essential vitamins with healthy, nutritious food.

Finally, get an early night. Everything is better after a good nights sleep!

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