You never get a second chance to make a first impression, as the saying goes, so before you step out make sure your shoes are squeaky clean and super shiny.

It doesn’t take long to shine your shoes and we’ll show you how in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Get covered It’s better to be safe than sorry so cover the area with an old rag or newspapers to stop polish stains getting on your floor.

Step 2: Start off clean Before you start polishing, make sure your shoes are clean. Use Wilko Cleaning Microfibre Cloths to wipe off dust and dirt. The cloths can be used wet and dry.

Step 3: Buff & polish Once your shoes are clean and dry, pop some Cherry Blossom Polish on a Wilko shoe brush and start buffing evenly throughout the shoe.

Step 4: Quick brush Wait a few minutes for the polish to dry and then use the shoe brush to brush off any leftover bits.

Step 5: The finishing touches Apply Cherry Blossom Ready Wax Instant Shoe Shine to a lint-free cloth and buff to give shoes that extra shine.

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