There’s plenty to consider when choosing the perfect Christmas tree – do you go for the real thing or fake it? Small or large? And should you get a set which includes the lights and decorations? Don’t worry – we’re here to help. Our handy blog will guide you through the things you need to think about when choosing your new fir-y friend!

The real deal vs faking it

A real tree provides a lovely fresh scent, and each tree is different so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Going to pick a tree each year can be a fun family experience; however the downside is the maintenance, and the pesky pine needles that seem to find their way into every nook and cranny! And of course with a real tree you’ll only be able to have it up for a limited time.

ScentsiclesThe advantage of an artificial tree is that it can be used year after year, so a nice artificial tree will save you money in the long run. They don’t need to be maintained, and these days there’s a wide selection to choose from. The downside is the lack of a fresh real tree scent… however check out the fantastic Scentsicles, a set of scented ornaments that can be hung on a tree, giving that delightful white winter fir tree smell!

Size it up!

When deciding on the size of your tree, we’d recommended measuring the height of your room, to your ceiling. If the tree is too tall, you’ll struggle to fit a star or angel on top. Don’t forget to account for the size of the stand! Consider how much room you’ll have around the tree, as you may be better off going for a slim tree if space is tight. Check out our tree-mendous range of artificial trees online, which range from small 2 foot trees up to 8 foot whoppers!

Wilko Wild Wood decorations

Find your type

If you’ve decided to go for an artificial tree, we’ve got a variety of different styles to choose from. As well as a great range of traditional looking trees, we’ve got a beautiful slim frosted tree, with 4 foot and 6 foot options available. You can buy artificial trees which come with all the lights and decorations included, such as our great value 6 foot traditional tree. This is a great option if it’s your first tree, and if you’re after a quick and easy option. You’ll find the perfect amount of lights and decs so no guess work is needed! The advantage of buying a bare tree is that you’ll be able to pick all your decorations and lights, or even go for theme, such as a woodland theme or bold bright colours.

Frosted treedecorated Christmas treePre-lit twig tree

If you simply don’t have room for a tree, don’t despair, we can still help! Our twig trees take up less room – we’ve got a 5 foot pre-lit twig tree for indoor use, and 5 foot and 7 foot twig trees that can be used indoors and outdoors.

Our top 5 trees this Christmas

To make choosing a tree easy-peasy, we’ve pulled together our top 5 Christmas trees:

5. Wilko 6ft Traditional Christmas Tree – A traditional shaped bushy tree which looks great with any style of decorations and lights.

4. Wilko Best Waverly Cone Tree 2ft – Perfect for a sideboard or the office! It’s already decorated, so looks great straight out the box.

3. Wilko Frosted Slim Green Tree 4ft – This snowy effect tree looks amazing on its own, and even better with our Pixie collection and Scandinavian style decorations.

2. Wilko Traditional Green Tree with Lights & Decorations 6ft – Great if you’re buying your first ever Christmas tree. The pack includes a 6 foot tree, 100 fairy lights and 70 decorations in our Wild Wood theme.

1. Wilko Best 6 Foot Waverly Tree – Our very best tree! It looks just like real thing – with style and sophistication for a truly luxurious look. The high quality tree has a premium metal base, durable hooked branches, and its sturdy design means you’ll be able to put it away after Christmas and reuse year after year.

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