It’s the most wonderful time of the year, which means it’s time for your home to undergo a festive transformation, inside and out. And one thing’s for sure, no Christmas makeover is complete without some staple lighting, creating everything from subtle finishing touches to standout festive scenes.

So, whether you want to bring some festive cheer to your neighbourhood or you just want to brighten up your front garden, here are our top tips for finding the perfect outdoor lights:

1. Choose the power supply

One of the most important things you’ll need to do is make sure the lights you’re opting for are suitable for outdoor use. It probably goes without saying but, those marked ‘indoor’ shouldn’t be used outside, even if you are placing them under the cover of a porch.

You’ll also find two choices for the power supply – battery operated or mains powered. Mains powered will need plugging directly into a socket in your home, with the transformer often needing to remain inside at all times. Battery-powered lights do give you a bit more flexibility as you aren’t restricted with cables, so can put these in harder-to-reach places to create maximum impact.

The type of bulbs are another consideration you might want to make as LED bulbs are energy efficient, so are perfect if you’re going to be lighting up your street for the whole of December!

2. Opt string lights

One of the most popular types of Christmas lights are string lights as they’re incredibly versatile. Hang them from your roof, windows or eaves, trail them along bushes or fences or wrap them in a tree. Some designs will also connect to each other so you can create endless trails of twinkling lights. And don’t forget those battery-powered string lights, placing them in lanterns and jars to light up your steps and create a standout feature.

String lights also come in different forms for added wow factor, including rope lights, where the lights are contained within a plastic outer, and icicle lights, which give the impression icicles are hanging from  your roofline.

Top tip: When you’re securing lights to your gutter, gutter hooks make this much easier!

Christmas Lights

3. Get creative with novelty lights

No Christmas light display is complete without the odd novelty piece, of course. And it’s amazing just how creative you can get with your outdoor lights. For the standout, traditional festive display, why not opt for light-up characters like reindeer, snowmen and a polar bear? Or, for something really different, look no further than our light-up Christmas trees.

These are perfect for placing in your front garden to add a warm glow and quirky touch that will bring a smile to the faces of passers-by. One of our favourites is the 6ft Weeping Willow Christmas Tree (pictured below), which looks simply stunning with its delicate leaf detail.

Christmas Lights


4. Set a timer

Finally, look for lights that come with a built-in timer because this will make it much easier to trip the light fantastic each and every night. Why not make sure they’re switched on before you come home from work? That way you’ll be greeted with a magical scene each and every night! Some will also include an 8-hour, 16-hour on/off feature, helping you save on your electricity bills, too!

Once you’ve decked the halls and lit up the entire neighbourhood, be sure to share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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