It may come as no surprise that we’re incredibly proud of our Wilkinson range of premium products – after all we did put our name on it. But what might surprise you is just what extraordinary quality and design these products have – by any standards. They really are the very best of what we do.

And because we want you to have our very best all around your home, we’ve extended our range with accessories, curtains, cushions, lighting and rugs, as well as expanding our existing towel and bedding ranges. Here are a some of our favourites from our premium range…

Our very best… accessories

Wilko Premium glass vases


Whether it’s the luxurious, long-lasting scent of our candles, the delicate design of our silver-plated frames or the style and elegance of our hand-blown glass vases, our premium accessories bring a touch of class to any room.

Our very best… bedding

Wilko Premium bedding


With its 400-thread count and ultra-soft wrinkle-resistant cotton, our premium bedding is the ultimate in luxury. With bedding this cosy, comfy and warm, you’ll never want to get out of bed.

Our very best… towels

Wilko Premium towels


Wrap yourself in luxury with our premium towels. No only are they extremely soft to touch, but they also come with special hydro technology that ensures they stay thick and fluffy after every wash.

Our very best… cookware

Wilko Premium cookware


The perfect blend of quality and design, all our premium saucepans come with dual pouring sprouts and graduated measurements on the inside to help you get the perfect results every time. What’s more, the whole range is oven proof up to 180°C and comes with an amazing 25-year guarantee.

Our very best… dinnerware

Wilko Premium dinnerware


With a timeless design, and made from high-quality bone china, our premium dinnerware makes a stylish addition to any table. And when you accompany it with our premium cutlery made from the highest-grade stainless steel and guaranteed for 25 years, you have the perfect recipe for success.

You can find out more about our premium range in store or online.


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