We’re spending more time than ever in our homes, which probably means it’s time to get to grips with home clutter! If you’re tired of seeing the same scattered toys, pots and pans spilling out of cupboards and clothes falling out of wardrobes, fear not, our space-saving tips and storage solutions will get you sorted in no time…

Storage solutions for the living room and hallway

Is your hallway a hotbed for near misses and accidents with things piled up in corners? Get it sorted with functional and stylish storage that will keep it all tidy and not cause an eyesore. Choose slim and tall storage if you’re short on space and go for co-ordinating items to help keep your living spaces looking less cluttered.

Living room storage doesn’t have to be bulky. If you’re short on space in your living room, tall organisers work best. Make use of that empty corner by investing in some bookshelves. We love stylish ladder shelves for instant organisation of everything from books and games to photo frames with priceless memories. Our gorgeous rope baskets make for a modern twist on traditional magazine racks.

If you don’t have a dedicated playroom for the kids, and keep toys in the living room, a stylish and sturdy ottoman will work well to fit into your living space. Doubling as a coffee table or sometimes a handy seat, our range of storage chests provide a fantastically versatile de-cluttering tool!

But remember, before buying storage we recommend having a good sort through all of those things that need a home to see if you really do need them, or whether they can be taken to a charity shop. At the end of the day, there’s no need to buy new storage for things you don’t need or want.

Storage solutions for the kids playroom

If you’ve got kids, chances are every room in your home features a toy of some description. Why not have a good sift through all their old toys and get rid of ones they don’t use anymore. Donate any unwanted toys to your local charity shop, or box them up and store them in the attic.

If boxing toys away isn’t an option, we’ve got plenty of clever child-friendly, stylish and practical storage solutions to keep toys tidy. Soft cube boxes with no sharp edges are ideal for kids toy storage and give them easy access to their favourite toys. For those toys that aren’t used as often, clear plastic containers work great and enable you to see what’s in them at a quick glance, saving you time looking for that specific toy. Our modular storage stacks on top of each other neatly, keeping the playroom tidy – as tidy as it possibly can be when there are kids involved!

Simple Zippa bags with secure fasteners will work great for toys with lots of small pieces and will hopefully stop the kids losing parts to their games.

Storage solutions for the kitchen

If you’ve not got a lot of kitchen cupboard space it can be difficult to find a home for all your pots and pans. They may stack inside each other nicely but those lids can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare! Save yourself the hassle and pick up a door rack that can act as a new home for your pan lids. And if you don’t like kitchen towels hanging on your cupboard and cooker handles then opt for some self-adhesive hooks and pop them on the inside of your cupboard doors to hide them away. For more kitchen storage tips including labelling and stylish glass jars, check out our blog: Hacks to get your kitchen organised.

Storage solutions for the bedroom

Start with the wardrobe. Vacuum storage is a great solution for saving on space. Bulky items such as duvets, pillows and bedding take up loads of space in cupboards but will shrink down to a quarter of their size with these clever storage bags, leaving you with more room to store your essentials. We recommend shoe organisers, outfit organisers and secondary rails to keep everything in its proper place.

Once all your winter bedding is stored away neatly, start organising your summer wardrobe to make the most of your bedroom space. Have a good sort out and promise to recycle anything you’re sure you won’t wear again once the cold weather returns. Local charity shops will certainly be grateful for your donations and often send out branded bin bags to be filled. If you’re still struggling for space after the clear out, extra storage boxes or open baskets will work perfectly on the floor of your wardrobe.

Just like your living room, it’s best to invest in co-ordinating bedroom storage to help your space look neat and less cluttered. Slimline storage works best for bedrooms short on space. And storage boxes don’t have to look unsightly; our stylish tote baskets work great for the bedroom. Flat, under the bed storage boxes are ideal for the bedroom and perfect for temporarily storing out-of-season clothes. And finally, don’t underestimate the power of door hooks! They’re just great for scarves, belts and jackets.

Storage tips

No matter if you have a large or small home, there are storage solutions for every space! If you’re still struggling for space then have a good scout around the home for any unused spaces that you could use for storage. Maybe you could make use of the space under the stairs by adding a few shelves? Or could you put the space under your bed to good use? Stackable storage as well as underbed storage boxes are designed to fit perfectly under your bed – out of sight out of mind!

You’re now well on your way to a clutter-free home! Do you have any more top storage solutions? Share them with us via our Twitter or Facebook page.

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