Doing the laundry often feels like a never-ending task, and a boring one at that! If you’ve got a large family, you’ll find that sports and gym kit means plenty of sweaty clothes and towels, and if you’ve got little ones, it’s unlikely they’ll make it through the day without making a mess! All this can make you feel like the washing machine is never off. We feel your pain, so we’ve pulled together some handy hints and tips to help you whizz through the washing.

Wash clothes less often

Jumpers and shirts can survive multiple wears if worn with an undershirt, and many people find that trousers don’t need to be washed very often… and jeans not at all! Sometimes a fabric freshener can do the trick – this cotton flower and white rose fabric freshener is our favourite and can also be used on carpets and curtains.

Bring on the basket

Have two or more laundry baskets clearly labelled, separating your colours from your lights and whites – then even the kids can give you a helping hand! Try and find a basket that fills the washing machine when it’s full. By doing this, you’ll have a pre-sorted load ready to go each time the basket is full! We’ve got a great range of laundry baskets, bags and bins on, so you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Timing is everything

If you’ve got a hectic lifestyle, put on a load when you go to bed, then it’ll be ready to be hung or thrown in the dryer as soon as you get up. If you’re on an Economy 7 electricity tariff you’ll even find that it costs you less! Wash sheets and bedding at the weekends – wash, dry, then put them straight back on the beds, with no folding needed!

Label sense

Whilst it might seem a bit of a chore, try and get into the habit of reading the labels in your new clothes. Sometimes the least expected item may have a hidden ‘dry clean only’ message, and you don’t want that favourite new dress to suddenly shrink to Barbie-size!

Bio or non-bio?

So what’s the difference between biological and non-biological wash powders? Bios include enzymes that help break down stains such as chocolate, grease and make-up. Non-bios don’t include these enzymes and are generally used for delicate silk and wool items. It is believed that bios are unkind to sensitive skin but there’s little truth to this. If your skin is easily irritated try using the extra rinse option on your washing machine at the end of your regular cycle – this stops any detergent residue being left behind.

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