Our Odyssey collection has an underwater current running through it, rediscovering a long lost world where jewels sparkle and antique stone carvings are revealed. Glass surfaces remind us of watery depths, and pearls sit amongst shimmering beads and crackled silver, telling of an opulent past.

Use inspiration from our Odyssey range to give your home a classy, sophisticated look this Christmas.

Odyssey Christmas decorations

The deep sea blue and amethyst colouring throughout the range such as in our speckle effect and teal glass baubles, makes the home feel opulent and luxurious. The subtle sheen of pearls provide glimmer against rich, sumptuous materials and colours, and complement this range perfectly. Check out our snowflake heart wreath and pearl bauble 4 pack. Add our pearl bead chain and antique pearl baubles into a clear vase for a glamorous focal point.

blue speckle baubleteal glass baublesnowflake heart wreath

From left: blue speckle bauble£1.50; teal glass bauble £2; snowflake heart wreath£5

pearl baublespearl bead chainantique-style pearl bauble

From left: pearl baubles (pack of 4) – £3; pearl bead chain£1; antique-style pearl bauble£2

There’s an ornate and antique look to the theme, reflected in our angel wings statue and glass holder with rope handle, and our ancient Greek inspired female bust statue tells a magical story of long-lost luxury. For a cosy atmosphere add texture with our faux Mongolian cushion in dark teal, and for the personal touch our pearl photo frame is fabulous

Odyssey angel wings statue

To further add to your themed Christmas, while also keeping the cost down, you could transform any piece of glass from your home into an antiqued mercury glass style finish. Why not get your creative juices flowing and transform an old jam jar or glass vase? If you don’t have any spare, you could even pop into your local Wilko and pick up a lovely Kilner jar.

All you’ll need is some silver gloss paint, white vinegar and water. Fill a spray bottle with an equal amount of water and vinegar, and spray a fine mist on the outside of the glass. Immediately after, spray an even layer of the metallic spray. Allow it to dry for a minute or two, and apply another fine mist of the water/vinegar mix. Allow this to dry and gently blot the beads of water/vinegar mix with a paper towel, to give the glass a varied pattern. The glass will still be see-through, so repeat with a couple of additional coats to achieve a solid look – perfect to complement the Odyssey theme.

Warning: always read instructions when spray painting, and use in a well-ventilated area with appropriate eye, nose and mouth protection. Keep out of reach of children.

Add some colour by popping a few flowers in the vase. For the low-maintenance approach, our Pom Pom flowers in aqua and lilac will fit the theme perfectly. For something more extravagant, add a bouquet of irises. If you’re short on time, like most of us are at this time of year, our blue hydrangea in a black pot ties in the theme perfectly.

Silver cracker

We have everything you need in our Odyssey range to help create your own underwater fantasy at Christmas for a mature, sophisticated look for your Christmas dinner. Look out for our silver wipeable tablecover, silver charger plates, candle holders and blue snowflake napkins for the big day, to help complete the look, as well as fantastic luxury crackers and traditional handmade crackers.

silver table coversilver charger platesilver candle holder

From left: silver table cover £3; silver charger plate£1.50; silver candle holder£8

blue napkinssilver crackersblue snowflake crackers

 From left: blue snowflake napkins (pack of 16) – £1.25; luxury silver crackers (pack of 10) – £10; blue snowflake crackers (pack of 12) – £5

We’ve also got a full range of Odyssey gift wrap, gift bags and ribbon, which’ll give your pressies a touch of luxury under the tree.

Odyssey Christmas wrapping paper


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