The New Year is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf, so if you’ve been planning on getting healthier, now’s the time to start! Here are some of our top tips to help you get started:

Chuck out the chips!

If you’ve made a resolution to get a little healthier this year, we’ll help you on your way. Why not replace your toast and butter with a smoothie, which will count towards your 5 a day?

Try steaming your vegetables instead of boiling them – this helps keep all the vitamins and nutrients in. We’ve got a selection of steamers here.

Make up a nice healthy salad for your lunch.

chunky chicken stir-fry recipe

Grab a wok and make yourself a healthy stir fry. Why not try our yummy recipe?

Start exercising

Exercise is not just about getting fit. It also helps improve your general health and wellbeing by reducing stress and releasing feelgood endorphins. It’s also great for boosting your energy levels. Why not walk to your local shop, instead of driving, and take the stairs instead of the lift? Or have a look down at your local gym or sports centre for classes, be it yoga, swimming, spinning, whatever you’d like to do – give it a try!

And on that note…


If you’ve got a dog, you’ve got a ready-made workout buddy! Give yourself a workout, and your dog too! When taking your dog for a walk, why not take a detour every so often and go via a longer, more scenic route? That way, you’ll both get more exercise.┬áThen reward them with a healthy treat afterwards!


Get a good night’s sleep

Uninterrupted sleep can bring a whole load of benefits, such as increased productivity, improved health, reduced stress and better memory. With so many benefits to your wellbeing, it’s vital you get a good night’s sleep every night. So banish those gadgets and get into a good routine for relaxation (and that includes weekends!). We’ve got loads more tips for getting a good night’s sleep.


Struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions? Here are some tips to help:

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