Love it or hate it, cleaning is a task we all have to get stuck into. But many products on the market contain harsh chemicals, are costly and aren’t environmentally friendly. That’s why we think it’s a good idea to have a go at using natural methods – it’ll save you time and money, and may even provide a better finish than an industry-leading brand!

Still not convinced?

Below we’ve listed some top methods for cleaning your home naturally, helping to reduce how many chemicals your family’s exposed to while leaving your home looking spick and span!

When you’re cleaning windows…

Cleaning windows can be a bit of nightmare, especially when you’re trying to get a streak-free finish. However, this natural recipe is great for cleaning windows and mirrors, leaving a smear-free look that will be the envy of all your neighbours:

  • 2 cups of water (filtered water will provide you with an even better finish as it won’t leave any residue)
  • 1/2 cup of cider vinegar or white vinegar
  • Several drops of essential oils to create a nice smell (lemon’s always a good, fresh choice!)

Simply place these ingredients in an empty, clean spray bottle. Then, spray the solution onto a paper towel before wiping down the glass/mirror. Finish by using a soft microfibre cloth to buff the surface and make it shine!

When you need some added oomph…

When elbow grease just won’t do, try using bicarbonate of soda. It’s perfect for all those tough jobs we all tend to avoid, including toilets, dishwashers, ovens and grout lines in the bathroom. Simply make a paste using bicarbonate of soda and water then place this on the area that needs cleaning. Leave it for as long as possible (a few hours is good) before scrubbing off to leave a wonderfully clean finish.

Spring Cleaning Hacks

When you need to have a quick flick around with the duster…

Your parents just called, they’re coming over in an hour and you haven’t had chance to clean the house. Don’t panic! Arm yourself with a microfibre cloth (or two) and whizz around all of the surfaces in your home. These magical dusters work far more effectively than standard dusters, capturing 99% of germs instead of just 30% so you don’t even need to use a cleaning solution. And don’t forget you can also buy microfibre mops too!

Traditional Cleaning Tips

When you just need to have a good clean…

For the day-to-day jobs, make your own chemical-free cleaner. Simply fill a jar with lemon peel, pour in undiluted white vinegar and leave for a few days. Strain out the liquid into a clean spray bottle and you’ve got the perfect cleaner for many surfaces of your home. It’s also ideal for using to mop the floors.

When the house needs a fragrance boost…

To keep your home feeling fresher for longer, why not have a go at making your own natural reed diffuser too? Simply mix together carrier oil with a few drops of your chosen essential oil – perfect for allowing you to choose how strong you like fragrance. Then, just add the oil mixture into a pretty jar, insert your reed sticks and voila! You have your very own, natural reed diffuser.

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