Cave paintings show that early man discovered ways to shave hair from his face using various tools such as stone, flint and shells used as tweezers… ouch! It’s thought that ancient Egyptian men established shaving as a regular part of daily grooming, a custom that continues today. It’s fair to say we’ve moved on a bit since then!

With so many razors now available, it’s hard to know which type of razor is best for you. We’ve pulled together a handy guide to help you find the best shaving method and razor for you!

Manual razors with cartridges

Manual razors are hugely popular as they provide a close clean shave, so you’ll look clean-shaven for longer than shaving using other methods. When you’ve found the razor that’s best for you, the cartridges are quick and easy to replace. Most manual razors offer multiple blades for a closer shave, with fewer strokes required, resulting in reduced irritation. Many also have a lubricating strip, which helps the razor glide over the skin and shows when the cartridge needs to be replaced.

With so many products out there, and with continual advances in technology, it’s hard to keep up with the latest razor! Our favourite is Gillette’s most advanced razor – the 5 blade Fusion Proglide. It features thinner, finer blades with less tug and pull than their Fusion razor. The power function provides a soothing effect, so you can hardly feel the blades. There’s a handy precision trimmer on the back of each cartridge, which is great for tricky places like sideburns and under the nose.

Top tip: Don’t push down too hard with the razor. If you do, you’re likely to cut your face. It’s better to lightly go over a part of the skin twice.

Disposable razors

Disposable razors are convenient as they can simply be used, and thrown away! There’s no need to buy the handle and cartridges separately, and they don’t cost too much. Many have a single blade, which are popular as they don’t get clogged easily, and they have a lightweight feel.

With both manual razors and disposable razors, additional shaving products are essential. A shaving foam or gel should be used to help soften and lubricate the skin, and after shaving use a moisturiser or aftershave balm to help soothe and hydrate the skin.


Electric shavers

There’s two types of electric shaver – rotary and foil. Rotary blade shavers have circular cutters, and are designed to follow the contours of the face. They are used by shaving in a circular motion, which makes it easier to shave difficult areas such as the neck and chin. This type of electric shaver is best for people with strong hair growth, and for cutting longer hairs.

Foil shavers have a series of blades hidden under a thin layer of metal, so they are often gentler on sensitive skin. They cut close to the skin, so can offer a closer shave than many rotary shavers.

Electric shavers tend to be quicker than manual razors. They roll up the skin, forcing hairs up before cutting them, so you don’t need to go over the same area as often. The good thing about electric shavers is that it’s not essential to use shaving foams and water, so they are handy for travelling and people who are on the go. Electric shavers are considered safer than manual razors, with less cuts and nicks – preventing your sink from looking like something from a horror film!

Due to technological advances, electric shavers come with many different features. Some dispense shaving cream and water, and some have self-cleaning systems. In the future they may even make breakfast for you! As you would expect, the cost increases with the technical specifications, so the best electric shaver for you will depend on your needs and budget; Check out our great range of electric shavers online.

The only downside with electric shavers is that they generally don’t shave as closely as manual razors, which can mean shaving more often. Buying an electric shaver is more expensive, but if you find one that suits you, long term it could save you money.

Top tips:

Wash your face with warm water before using an electric shaver. This will open the pores and soften hair, to give you a closer and smoother shave.

Once a month, give your shaver a thorough clean, using a cleaning solution to remove grease and debris from the blades.

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