We’ve been working with the experts at Nivea to bring you a few handy little guides, helping you to look your best, no matter how much time you have!

A perfect shave is all in the preparation. Failing to adequately prep the skin often ends in cuts, irritation, ingrown hairs and an altogether patchy finish. And, given that you’ll shave around 20,000 times in your life, it’s probably worth making sure you learn how to do it properly.

Follow our three simple stages, and become a smooth operator in no time!

1. Wash it away

Use a face scrub before shaving. Not only will the scrubbing action lift hairs, making them easier to cut, but it will also remove any dead skin cells and dirt from your face. By ‘sanding down’ the surface of your skin, you’re reducing the likelihood of razor drag and an inferior shave.

2. Bye bye beardy

Smooth on shaving foam or gel and shave with the grain, and not against it. Some people like to shave in the shower, keeping the water on the warmer side. You can even put a hot, wet towel over your face for a few minutes before shaving. To prevent razor burn use a sharp, new blade.

3. Keep cool

Finish with a post shave balm or moisturiser to help avoid skin dryness and tightness to provide moisture and comfort.

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