When the bathroom’s looking tired, it sometimes feels like there’s nothing more you can do to get it sparkling again. The taps are dull, the grout’s gone grimy and those tiles look more grey and grubby than white and shiny. ‘It’ll do’, you say, after an afternoon of scrubbing – but really, it doesn’t have to.

You’d be surprised at just how easy it can be to bring the sparkle back! Sometimes you just need a stronger cleaning product, other times a lick of paint; a little bit of TLC goes a long way. If your bathroom is leaving you feeling uninspired, leave the inspiration to us. Take a look at our video below and we’ll have that bathroom good as new in no time…


Make your bathroom sparkle…

Wilko tile and grout cleanerWilko tile paint in FlintWilko all purpose cloths

Tile & grout cleaner£2

Tile paint in Flint (0.75l) – £13.95

Wilko Functional all-purpose cloths (10 pack) – 36p

Wilko microfibre cloths          UniBond grout reviver pen          Wilko bathroom cleaner

Microfibre cloths (3 pack) – £2

UniBond anti-mould grout reviver pen – £8.95

Wilko eucalyptus and peppermint bathroom cleaner – 75p

Viakal anti-limescale            Wilko sealant gun             Silicone bathroom sealant

Viakal limescale remover£3

Wilko sealant gun£2.50

Silicone bathroom sealant£3.95

And don’t forget the finishing touches!

hot pink bath mat soak ornamentaqua bath towel

Hot pink bathmat£7.50

Mosaic “soak” ornament£10

Aqua bath towel£4

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